I don’t want to skirt the issue, so I’m going to get straight to some exciting news:

A medical study found that chocolate can significantly reduce blood pressure in just two weeks.Italian researchers gave healthy people various types of chocolate. They discovered one type had a greater ability to reduce blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

Chocolate is good for your heartThis type of chocolate contains a full range of beneficial phytonutrients. These include antioxidants, flavonoids, phenols, epicatechin, and essential minerals. These nutrients make chocolate not only tasty, but also beneficial for your heart.

Can you imagine a better way to reduce your blood pressure? But make sure you use the right type of chocolate. Typical chocolate in the average candy bar won’t do the job.

I’m Dr. Victor Marchione or, as many people call me, The Food Doctor.

This is just one of many foods that I call “miracle foods” that can help you battle everything from cancer to heart disease to diabetes and much much more.

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Victor Marchione, MD
The Food Doctor