Recently, when my neice was bit by a tick and developed the tell-tale bullseye rash, I immediately needed to know all about Lyme disease. Once considered a disease of Northeastern United States, Lyme disease is becoming more prevalent all over the country.

In this issue of Home Cures That Work, you’ll learn what you need to know not only to protect you and your loved ones, but also how to beat Lyme disease once you’ve caught it.

Home Cures That Work for Lyme DiseaseLyme disease is a bacterial infection. But the attack and defense mechanisms of these bacteria read like a science fiction novel. In a highly interesting article by Amanda Box, she explains how Lyme disguises itself with the symptoms of other diseases and even has a cloaking device for hiding from detection and destruction. But Amanda reveals an even more cunning way to find and destroy this invasive enemy.

We often hear that prevention is the best medicine, so how do we avoid getting bitten by a tick? Rob Fischer offers 3 strategies for avoiding ticks (and mosquitoes) and reviews some of the more common insect repellents.

DEET may well be considered the most effective repellent on the market, but did you know it’s a neurotoxin? And permethrin is no better for you! Find out for yourself, how you can protect you and your loved ones very effectively using safe, natural insect repellents—many of which you can make yourself.

But what do you do if you’ve already contracted Lyme disease? Its effects can be dramatic and devastating. When battling a debilitating disease like Lyme, we quickly learn that much of the battle is won in the mind.

In “Finding Hope When Suffering with Lyme Disease,” you’ll discover 5 ways to develop positive thoughts and words for physical health and emotional well-being. These 5 strategies provide you with a prescription for hope.

You won’t want to miss the riveting October issue of Home Cures That Work! In fact, why not go there now … and, why not take a friend with you?

P.S. The trick in avoiding ticks is to fool them into thinking you’re not their next tasty morsel! Find out how in this issue of Home Cures That Work!

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