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Picture this: it’s late. You’re sitting on the edge of your bed just about to turn out the light when there it is: a sharp, stabbing pain in your big toe, hand, or even your knee. Seems there’s nothing that will stop it and you’re in for another sleepless night. If this goes untreated, it can cause permanent damage to your joints.

Here’s what’s causing your agony…

Gout is a deposit of uric acid crystals onto your joints. They’re sharp and they stab ruthlessly into the joint lining.

Normally, uric acid is processed through the kidneys and is pushed out in your urine, but not for you.

Sometimes, uric acid levels are so high your kidneys can’t process it and this is where the trouble begins. The crystals form and they tear away at the tissue around your joints. This is what brings on the inflammation, gout pain, and redness.

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  • The 13 most powerful vitamins and minerals you should be taking right now (and how many) to fight painful gout flare-ups (page 29 – 30)
  • How to safely cleanse and flush your system so your liver and kidneys perform in tip-top shape and help eliminate uric acid (page 33).
  • What you should never, ever be eating or drinking with gout – and what you should be eating and drinking (begins on page 42).

Plus, there is so much more including secret recipes for making herbal drinks that cleanse and recipes for balms to put directly on the inflamed joint for instant relief.

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