Wholetones 528 Day

Don’t you just hate it when someone gives a gift that’s SO PERFECT… you’re speechless?

A gift so perfect and “spot on” you’re brain is stunned – frozen – and you’re left without words? Man… that just ticks me off when that happens!

Of course – I don’t REALLY hate it… and it doesn’t REALLY tick me off. But still… being unable to express gratitude right then and there is really immobilizing. It’s embarrassing at the worst – humbling at the least.

Well… I have a confession to make.

And it’s this:

Speechless is Exactly Where I’m at with YOU at the Moment.


Because the “gift” you’ve given to me over the last 12 months has just been “off the hook”. What gift?… you may wonder.

Well, because you’ve believed in me, and because you’ve believed in my vision for spreading Wholetones across the planet… and because you have actively helped me spread the healing vibrations that come ONLY from the Wholetones frequencies… I honestly feel I could never repay you.

And I’m so full of gratitude – I’m beside myself… speechless. Because…

  • …the word of mouth you’ve shared has spread like wildfire across the globe…
  • …the hundreds of really personal stories you’ve share with me and others are heart-warming and inspiring… and
  • …just knowing you’re out there being “a cheerleader for the cause” – it all gives me a renewed hope for mankind, quite frankly.

Finding a way to say “thank you” – a way that REALLY expresses my gratitude… has become next to impossible! You’ve felt this feeling before… right?

Well… that’s where I’m at right now. I don’t have words that would accurately express how thankful I am for you, so… I’ll just do my best to SHOW you. So here’s what’s up:

Last year on May 28 we independently declared EVERY May 28 to be Wholetones Day! Why May 28th… you may be wondering?


528 is the Vibrational Frequency that Facilitates Transformation Better Than Any Other Frequency!

And Since the Mission Behind Wholetones
is to Transform as Many Lives as We Can – We’ve Christened May 28th (5/28) to Be…

Wholetones Day!

And last year, our customers, friends, family, and associates absolutely LOVED IT! And the celebration was a HUGE SUCCESS! And after the dust settled, we had literally hundreds of people who wrote in saying:

“I’ve had Wholetones on my ‘gotta buy’ list since I heard about it months and months ago… and when I saw your generous discount in celebration of ‘Wholetones Day’ I just HAD to jump on it! So thank you, thank you, thank you for the hefty price break! I can’t wait for my transformation to start!”

And boy – did the transformations EVER start!

Linda N. from Albuquerque, NM wrote: “I definitely feel alive in different ways with each Wholetones Song. I actually listen to the CD all day, everyday!”

“This may sound weird, but the other day when I was listening, I swear I heard what sounded like angels singing when I was listening to the ‘Key of David’ song!”

John W. from Pocatello, ID bought the Wholetones CDs for his 34-year old son. He told me this little miracle: “I was interested in this because I had been exposed to the concept of ‘healing frequencies’ before.”

“And since one of my sons has tried just about everything to overcome loneliness and depression – as well as some heart-beat challenges and sleeping issues – I decided to give this a run. (your guarantee made it easy FWIW)”

“…my son said he put on ‘the Key of David’ frequency and BAM! He said he immediately began to feel something physically happening to his heart. …and then he said it took all of 7 minutes before he fell asleep!”

I could go on for pages and pages with comments like these. But my point is:

Real lives are being transformed by Wholetones… and if you haven’t felt the transformational blessings flow into your life from listening to and using Wholetones in your home, your car, or at work – this is your chance to open the floodgates of Heaven and let the blessings flow-in… and while saving some serious money at the same time!

(It’s a great time to stock-up on Christmas gifts!)

Bottom line is this: I twisted my partner’s arm (though I didn’t have to twist Joe’s arm TOO much) and he agreed… so here we are – we’re celebrating Wholetones Day again – and we’re giving you a deep, deep discount on EVERY ITEM in the Wholetones Store.

Get 52.8% OFF Every Item You Buy
from the Wholetones Store Up Until
Midnight Tonight (May 28, 2016)!

This is your last chance before the deadline to get everything in the store for 52.8% off… including:

WT 528 book and CD images

WT 528 Chroma

  • The Entire Collection of 7 Wholetones Songs on 7 Audio CDs
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  • The Wholetones “CHROMA” DVD+BluRay Combo Pack which includes a copy of my Hard Cover book
  • Wholetones “The Sound of Healing” Hardcover Book (by itself)
  • Wholetones Christmas Album Vol. 1 (CD + Digital Access)  
  • “The Making of Wholetones Christmas” Vol. 1 DVD
  • Wholetones T-Shirt (one of our newer, yet most popular products… THESE ARE HARD TO KEEP IN-STOCK!  So NOW is the time to snag as many as you can!)

I’m actually probably missing a couple of products… but you get the idea.

You can see EVERYTHING and get access to the 52.8% discount by CLICKING HERE.

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