I’m sure you’ve been there… you can stay on top of your diet all day, but then completely wreck it by falling prey to those late night post-dinner cravings.

We’ve ALL been there.  But the good news is those cravings aren’t a bad thing… as not everything you eat after dinner goes straight to your belly, hips or thighs.  In fact, you can actually increase your belly flattening results by eating the right foods before bed by manipulating your fat burning hormones.

To do this you’ll want to look for foods containing slow-digesting protein, healthy fats and fiber.  You’ll want to avoid foods that have refined sugars or a high ratio of carbohydrates in general.

Here are my top 3 late-night flat belly snacks to eat before bed… eat one of these tonight!

flat belly snacks before bed1. Plain cottage cheese w/ cinnamon.

Packed with slow-digesting protein, and when pairing with cinnamon you have a dynamic duo as cinnamon has great fat burning, blood sugar controlling properties of its own.

2. Raw nuts.

One of the great foods at anytime, these are particularly beneficial late at night with their high nutrient content, hunger controlling fiber and healthy fat burning fats.  Just make sure to keep the oils and heavy salt off or you’ll find it hard to stop eating them.  Try 1/4-1/2 cup max along with your favorite healthy beverage like hot tea with lemon.

3. Slow digesting protein smoothie.

The key here is to make sure your protein powder has a high percentage of Casein and is not almost purely Whey, which raises blood sugar fast.  If you don’t have a powder with much casein, you can mimic the slow-digesting protein slow release effects by adding a small teaspoon of nut butter to a scoop of your protein powder.

Now, eating healthier foods like this is usually the way to go for fat loss, and that’s why I was so astonished by this unusual story of an overweight and out-of-shape woman who dropped 59 lbs of flab, 8 dress sizes and now looks and feels years younger…

… by actually cutting out these 2 “health” foods that were actually keeping her fatter:

==> Woman cuts these 2 health foods, drops 59 lbs…

It’s a pretty crazy story, so I hope you enjoy learning about Ashley’s incredible tip as much as I did.