Is Coffee Exactly What You Need for Healthy Blood Pressure?


If your blood pressure is not where you want it to be…

If you’ve done everything right, but haven’t gotten the results you want…

Then please take five minutes to read this report. I believe I’ve found the solution you’ve been hoping for. It’s coffee.

Yes, it’s the same coffee you drink every day but with ONE critical difference. It’s green and it has less caffeine than a cup of decaffeinated coffee!

The most significant blood pressure
breakthrough in 25 years
The coffee I’m talking about is extracted from the unroasted, green coffee beans. And it’s a potent tonic for healthy blood pressure like nothing I have ever seen before. As I write this report, I can’t recall a single nutritional discovery more significant than green coffee.

In a recent clinical study published in a major medical journal, a team of Japanese scientists reported that green coffee may be the golden key that unlocks a lifetime of healthy blood pressure.

The study subjects were all worried about keeping their blood pressure healthy (just like you). Half were given a placebo and the other half tried green coffee extract. What happened next was utterly astounding to all the researchers and scientists involved

Results shocked the researchers—after only weeks, blood pressure numbers were simply astounding
Look at the actual 12-week results from the clinical study…

  • Systolic blood pressure (the TOP number) – HEALTHY
  • Diastolic blood pressure (the BOTTOM number)—NORMAL

How relieved would YOU feel with results like these? How surprised would you doctor be at your next checkup?

Even better, the green coffee test subjects enjoyed these results naturally.

What about side effects? None. In fact, the Japanese researchers reported that “there were NO apparent side effects.”1

A second human study confirmed the
remarkable results…and took it one step further…
In a separate study of 117 patients, researchers reported similar results for blood pressure.

They also reported that the more green coffee extract the test subjects took, the healthier their blood pressure. Again, the results were reported in one of the world’s most respected medical journals.2

How does green coffee work?
It rejuvenates the cells lining your arteries
The secret to green coffee’s power is connected to its chlorogenic acid content.

It’s really quite simple. Nitric oxide, a natural substance in your body, actually signals the cells lining your arteries—your endothelial cells—to “relax” and open up your blood vessels.

The result? Healthy blood flow and normal blood pressure.

That’s where green coffee comes in. In one study, researchers observed that people with healthy blood pressure have more nitric oxide available to nourish their endothelial cells—and help maintain healthy blood pressure. And researchers found that chlorogenic acid—found abundantly in green coffee—plays a role in supporting normal nitric oxide levels!

The science is in and it’s indisputable. Green coffee is the kind of all-natural breakthrough you see maybe once or twice in a generation. That’s why I now recommend green coffee to anyone who wants to maintain healthy blood pressure for life. But don’t head for the store just yet. I want you to get the best natural support for healthy blood pressure—and that means taking green coffee extract along with three additional nutrients.

The 6,000-year-old blood pressure secret
of the ancient Egyptians
Although green coffee is one of the greatest blood pressure breakthroughs ever, I know how to help magnify the benefits.

I’m talking about grapes, or more specifically, grape seed extract—where the nutrients are highly concentrated.

Archeological evidence has revealed that the ancient Egyptians valued grapes for their health benefits. And ancient Greek philosophers often wrote about the medicinal properties of grapes.

It turns out they were both right. Recent studies have shown that grape seed extract is pure magic when it comes to blood pressure. In a human trial conducted at UC Davis School of Medicine, test subjects were given grape seed extract daily.

After only four weeks, the results were utterly astonishing. The systolic number was great. The diastolic number? Also healthy.3

How? It’s nitric oxide again. Grape seed extract helps support your body’s supply of healthy nitric oxide. They’re the perfect companion to green coffee! But there’s yet another breakthrough I recommend for healthy blood pressure…

Ancient Chinese longevity secret
helps keep your blood vessels WIDE OPEN

For thousands of years, Chinese healers have considered the pomegranate a symbol of longevity. And now, modern science backs up these beliefs. In recent studies, the humble pomegranate has demonstrated an utterly remarkable ability to help keep your heart healthy, and support healthy blood pressure levels.

Healthy systolic blood pressure
In a randomized human trial published in a respected medical journal, scientists measured the cardiovascular benefits of the pomegranate. The subjects were 65-75 years old and were asked to drink a serving of pomegranate juice each day. The results? Healthy systolic blood pressure.

Pomegranate extract is yet another great companion for green coffee when it comes to keeping your blood pressure where you want it. And there’s still one more great nutrient you should consider…

This vitamin helps your body naturally
keep calcium in bones where you really need it!
Scientists have finally identified how you can help your body keep use calcium the way nature intended, in your bones.

The golden key that makes this happen is called vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is usually found in foods like organ meats that most people don’t eat much of these days. Fortunately, there’s no need to subject yourself to dietary hell. You can get all the vitamin K2 you need from supplements (provided you pick them carefully).

A higher intake of vitamin K2 is linked to a
20% improvement in your artery health

That was the conclusion of a group of researchers who evaluated 564 women whose average age was 67. The women who consumed higher amounts of vitamin K2 had healthier blood vessels.4

The world-famous Rotterdam Heart Study
then clinched the good news about vitamin K2

In another study, the very famous Rotterdam Heart Study, researchers followed 4,800 men and women for seven years. They carefully monitored their intake of vitamin K2 and found that those who consumed the most vitamin K2 had healthier, more flexible arteries.5 Why? Because vitamin K2 keeps calcium in your bones, helping to move it out of your blood vessels.

So while green coffee extract, grape seed extract and pomegranate all work to open and relax your arteries and blood vessels, vitamin K2 further supports your arterial health in yet another way. As a medical doctor, I know it doesn’t get any better than this for maintaining healthy blood pressure.
So if your blood pressure is frustrating you…
If you’ve tried diet, exercise, the works… And
your numbers are still not where you want them to be…
…you need these four nutrients, in the right forms and dosages. You can put them together for yourself, but I’ve done the work already.

I took the research to my friends at True Health™—an outstanding, well-respected supplement manufacturer right here in the U.S.—and we put together the perfect solution for healthy blood pressure, Ultimate BP™.

Ultimate BP™ is the world’s FIRST supplement
to give you all the researched ingredients
for healthy blood pressure…
Ultimate BP™ contains all four of the remarkable nutrients we have just discussed at the exact dosages you need to maintain healthy blood pressure for life…in one convenient, cost-saving supplement.

Here’s what you get in every capsule…

Green coffee bean extract that contain 50-percent chlorogenic acid or CGA. In the clinical studies, it was CGA that was determined to help maintain the health of the endothelium—the cells that line your arteries and play a key role in supporting healthy blood pressure. True Health™ picks the finest quality green coffee beans available and purifies them to extract the highest level of CGA for your health.

MegaNatural BP (grape seed extract). It’s the purest form of grape seed extract available anywhere. It’s been tested in human trials and it’s highly bioavailable which means you get the health benefits you pay for and never flush them.

Highly purified pomegranate juice extract. Pomegranate has demonstrated a remarkable quality to help maintain healthy blood pressure. Since much of the research on the health benefits of pomegranates has been on the juice, we have included a highly purified form for you.

Vitamin K2 in its purest, most beneficial form. This important. When you review all the research, you learn that there are thirteen different forms of vitamin K2. They’re labeled MK-1 through MK-13. The one you need is called MK-7. MK-7 helps your body naturally keep calcium in bones, but it’s very expensive, so many companies substitute inferior Vitamin K2 forms in their formulas. True Health™ sticks to the best—MK-7.

“I am a big rig truck driver. As such, I am required to maintain (healthy) blood pressure…After taking Ultimate BP™, my blood pressure reading [is] 128/60 and holding steady. I [know I will keep] my D.O.T. Medical Card and my C.D.L.”
—Bradley A., Tieton, WA
Ultimate BP™ really works. My total blood work was in good range. My doctor was very pleased.”
—Annie L., Columbus, GA
“I have been taking Ultimate BP™ for about 2 months and I do notice an improvement in well being, energy, and circulation. My blood pressure is 110/72 on average… I recommend this supplement to all.”
—John M., Waynesburg, PA
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