Coffee addiction and sugar by flickr robynejayLet’s cut to the chase here…

Drop that sugar filled, calorie drenched coffee and pay attention to this quick article.

First, let me tell you little bit about the Deadly Sugar Addiction some of us face and how it’s preventing you from shrinking your midsection – no matter what you do.

You’ve heard me discuss this before and I can’t stress it enough…

Too much sugar = excess carbs = a lightning-fast rise in insulin levels = MASSIVE FAT STORAGE. Not to mention the other health problems it causes you…

In addition to adding extra Belly Fat, here are 9

things the piling sugar is doing to your health RIGHT NOW:

  1. A chilling rise in blood sugar levels makes your body produce more insulin. Over time, your body becomes resistant to insulin, putting you at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.
  2. Sugar slaughters the growth hormones that keep you healthy and youthful.
  3. Sugar feeds cancers, allowing them to grow and crush out healthy cells.
  4. Sugar increases cholesterol and can

    cause high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

  5. Sugar causes food allergies and can contribute to eczema.
  6. Sugar can cause drowsiness and lack of energy.
  7. Sugar can alter your DNA’s structure.
  8. Sugar lowers your immune system so you’re less able to fight bacterial infections. Sugar also feeds yeast growth and throws off your pH levels.
  9. Sugar can damage eyesight and contribute to osteoporosis.

I know – YUCK!

Makes you think about what you are putting into your body each day… all to get you going in the morning.

But don’t sweat it – There is a simple way to beat sugar addiction and get back on course to a healthier slimmer you. Check this free bonus video presentation out at the link below:

>> 27 Weird Remedies For EASY Fat Loss <<

P.S. Just by putting down that Venti coffee sugar drink every morning you can start losing those extra pounds this week, especially belly fat.

>> 27 Weird Remedies For EASY Fat Loss <<

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