Muffy the Cat here, frum Barton Publi3hing.

Normaly I'm in charg of pest control at the offiss (ck out my pic at the bottom)… but 2day, I snuck onto Joe'z computr to giv u a good biRthDay deel.

Just go 2 and ordr any & all remedy reports yew'd licke for 57% off.

On the checkout page, type in

the coupon codeMUFFY.”

The coupon is only good on June 29th & 30th, tho.

Consider it my birtHday present to you… while Joe is out playing golf or something.

OK, i'm going back to licking myself and catching mice now. Meow.

– Muffy
Muffy the Cat
p.s. sory i cant spel very gud.

p.p.s. has anybudy seen my catnip ball?