Is there is something in America's water that is making us one of the fattest and overweight countries in the world? Americans do eat a lot of empty calories, from sugary junk foods, for example. But, I wonder “why” do we eat so many bad food things? Is it from being too stressed out or have depression?

Truth is processed foods have artificial flavors and sweeteners shown to increase your appetite and increase stomach fat. The worst of these is aspartame (NutraSweet) and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).

Here’s The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make Trying To Flatten Their Gut:

Many people believe doing endless sit-ups and crunches will trim their stomach fat. But, that simply isn’t the real secret. Here are 5 tips of what NOT to do to get ripped abs:

1. Deceptive health foods can make bellies bulge
2. Sit-ups, crunches and ab machines  make your belly bigger
3. Extreme diet gimmicks waste muscle mass
4. There is no anti-fat pill
5. Gadget selling celebrities got their bods using nutrition and coaching secrets
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Perhaps the answer to why so many Americans are overweight is because we’re so stressed out.  When we're stressed out or experiencing depression we do eat more food and drink more alcoholic beverages.

That’s why they call it “comfort food.”

When you’re stressed a stress hormone called cortisol gives you emergency energy; doctors call this your “fight or flight” response. Perhaps because we’re stressed out all the

time this “emergency energy” doesn’t get used and just gets stored away in fat cells? Obviously, it’s not one single thing; it must be a combination of things.

Whatever the reasons are, whether its stress, depression or chemical side effects, we simply eat too much and we just store it as fat, instead of burning it with activities. Did you know overweight people make more fat cells and their fat cells are 30% BIGGER than people with normal weight?

Stressed Out Americans Have Larger Fat Storage Tanks

We are not designed to be stressed out all the time. A hundred years ago people were naturally more active than we are today and they experienced less stress, plus they ate healthier foods. Today we spend hours in traffic jams, long lines and live with the constant financial pressure of a debt-based economy.

All that emotional, chemical and physical stress also affects where the fat is stored on your body. High levels of stress make more stomach fat, which is very undesirable, stressing us out more.

Bottom line, Americans have lost their old world ways and need to find a natural way to restore lasting health.

3 Modern Fat Triggers:

1.     Emotional eating – stress makes you crave junk food.
2.     Fast Food – made with toxic chemicals, salts and sugars.
3.     Lack of exercise – our minds are the only thing racing as we sit in traffic, the office and  watch TV.

The good news is I have stress relieving tips to help you burn stored energy while you sit. It's a myth that people have to go to extreme lengths to improve their health. The secret is baby steps.

P.S. The natural tortoise approach works better than the fast hare approach. Either way, it takes commitment to change your life. Taking regular small steps rather than sudden big changes is the key.