I like to throw Super Bowl parties.

This year is no exception.

We’re having about 15 people over to our house to watch the Patriots beat the Giants, 42-13… (sorry NY fans, but it’s going to be a loooooong day for ya!)

With that, I’d like to give you 10 Super Bowl Party Tips – for your health, of course:

10. Don’t double dip. Use a spoon & avoid the germs and… well, you get the picture.

9. Keep some aspirin nearby. Heart attacks are more frequent during big events like the Super Bowl or the World Cup – so it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared, just in case. (Or maybe for Uncle Ed’s sake, if you like Uncle Ed…)

8. Speaking of heart attacks, you can lower your blood pressure by eating healthy, exercising regularly, and eating smaller portions throughout the day. Rather than eating 5 bowls of chili, 4 pieces of bread, a plate full of potato chips, 4 beers, 2 diet sodas and some chicken wings – stick to 1 bowl of chili, 1 piece of bread, ice water, a few chips, and as many veggies off the veggie tray you can handle! Then, during the 4th quarter when everyone else is passed out from eating too much, you can grab another bowl of chili and enjoy!

7. Halftime break – not interested in watching Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers? How about taking a nice 20 minute walk with your friends & family? Fresh air and a little exercise does wonders for your physical and emotional health.

6. Play the “Guess the Score” game – when people show up, have them put a buck or two into the pot and then guess the final score on a sheet of paper. At the end of the game, give the winner (closest to the actual score) the jackpot. (I’m not sure how this helps you stay healthy, though…)

5. Don’t expect everyone to watch the game – so, have other activities ready. Board games or sports trivia may help the game go by faster, and keep everyone having a good time.

4. Take pictures of the fun. Super Bowl parties are meant to be special – friends & family gather to watch the big game while eating good food and having (hopefully) interesting conversation. If you can’t say something nice about Uncle Larry, ask him what he thought of the last commercial.

3. Start the party an hour or more before kickoff. There are a lot of cool pregame activities that you’ll want to enjoy, so don’t invite everyone over at kickoff time (6:18pm EST). Plus, you’ll have time to eat and chat before the game… instead of having mass hysteria when you’re trying to watch the game.

2. Wear your favorite team’s jersey! If you don’t have a favorite team, how about the Minnesota Vikings!?!? They’re bound to be in the 2009 Super Bowl, so you can start early. I recommend a #28 Adrian Peterson jersey.

1. Buy her flowers. Guys, if you’re having a Super Bowl party, chances are your wife or girlfriend is going to get stuck doing most of the work (sorry ladies). Guys tend to forget how to be good hosts during the game, which is when the girls usually step up to the plate and deliver (as always). If you don’t have any women at your party, you might be asking for trouble! Buy her flowers and thank her before, during, and after the game for helping you pull off your Super Bowl party!

Enjoy the game! Enjoy your friends & family! Eat healthy! Drive safe!


p.s. If YOU’VE got some Super Bowl Party Tips, please leave a comment below!