If you’ve opened this email, then you are probably thinking, “making whoopee” is a pleasurable experience and you’d like to make it better – or more often.  Well then, this Home Cures That Work Issue on “Keeping the Spark Alive” is for you! Improve the sensation, the ability and the desire with natural remedies in this issue.

There are simple and effective ways to increase your libido naturally and safely. What you eat during the day has a big impact on your sex drive.  Most of the foods that help enhance your sexual experience contain certain vitamins and minerals that will increase hormone levels and increase nitric oxide levels (important for males).

For Men Only!

Men know about the supposed boosting effects of Via*gra in the bedroom, but very few know of its dangers. More often than not, improving circulation will improve performance and a stronger erection.  Nitric oxide – the chemical necessary for bedroom satisfaction, will boost blood flow through a man’s anatomy.  Learn how to produce this in your diet and through supplements without the little blue pill and the questionable side-effects. Here is what you are missing to boost your bedroom skills:

For Women Only!

For women who are experiencing age-related decrease in hormones, a powerful tool to reestablish sexual desire is Thanda Passion Booster. So, if you want good sex then use Thanda Passion Booster to promote a healthy libido because it will take more than shaving and spending increased amounts of time in the tool section at Sears!

If you are not using lubricants, you are missing the slippery secret for sensational sex. Whether you’ve been married for 15 years or 1.5 years and want to “open the flood gates,” lubricants are as natural as any other sex enhancer not of the body such as candle light, glass of wine or soft music.  For the all-natural lubricant varieties and to avoid commercial chemicals, enjoy reading this article on how to sizzle:

Natural sex is all about feeding your body in a natural and healthy way. If you body is in good condition, chances are your sex drive will be too. Visit this huge resource for 10 foods to boost sexual performance in men and women: http://www.homecuresthatwork.com/?p=5016

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