Remember this painting?

Freedom from want

It’s called Freedom From Want and there is no better phrase to describe my message for you today.

Growing up in the 50s, 60s, or 70s, it’s a safe bet you’re familiar with Norman Rockwell’s work…

But here’s an interesting tidbit of information for you to share that most people don’t know.

That was the actual turkey the Rockwell family shared for Thanksgiving in 1942.

In fact, Norman once said of the bird, “Our cook cooked it.  I painted it.  And we ate it.  That was one of the few times I’ve ever eaten the model!”

A true American Icon, we identify with his paintings on a deep, emotional level…

And today I want to give you “freedom from want” by defeating the misery of diabetes this Thanksgiving and every day after.

Jerry and Joe ThanksgivingSo let me introduce another American Icon…

If you remember Leave It To Beaver, then you know him as The Beaver!  

Jerry Mathers has joined Barton Publishing in our fight to end the suffering of this preventable disease.

You see, Jerry controls his type 2 diabetes with the same solutions found in our #1 selling product, the Diabetes Solution Kittoday, he’s agreed to tell you how you can do the same.

Check out this very special message from Jerry… so you can enjoy Thanksgiving and STILL control your blood sugar!

Let me ask you: are you the type who says, “If someone showed me the steps, I’d gladly follow them to get what I want.”

Well then… great news!

Imagine you… beating diabetes, waving buh-bye to the symptoms, without drugs… and no more worry.  Enjoy the season filled with sensible foods, friends, and family.

All you have to do is click here right now and watch Jerry as he shows you how the step-by-step Diabetes Solution Kit works to block the root cause of diabetes.

It’s safe, fast, and medically proven to work no matter how long you’ve had type 2 diabetes!

Traditionally, Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season.  And although it’s the end of the year, it could also be the beginning of the rest of your life.

Why not break out of the box and make a new tradition?  Listen to American Icon Jerry Mathers and discover how to put an end to your diabetes suffering and STILL enjoy the holiday season!

Click here to watch Jerry.

Yours for an excellent, healthy holiday season… free from want,

Joe Barton
CEO & Founder
Barton Publishing Inc.

P.S. Discover the fast, safe, and nearly FREE techniques that can help you control your blood sugar and eliminate the threat of deadly diabetes complications for the rest of your.  

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