It’s no secret that many foods lose important nutrients when cooked. Most of us have heard that it’s healthier to eat raw vegetables rather than cook them. While this is true with many vegetables, it’s not true with all. In the November issue of Home Cures That Work, find out which foods and vegetables are actually more nutritious after they’re cooked.

Even though it’s generally true that most foods lose important nutrients when cooked, discover how it’s possible to blend good nutrition with good taste. Home Cures That Work writer Jessica Sanders Thiefels provides helpful tips for preserving nutrition while cooking your food.

the science of cookingIn this issue of Home Cures That Work you’ll learn the three most important factors to minimize when cooking foods in order to retain optimum nutrition. You’ll discover the magic of steaming, sautéing and braising foods in order to prepare delicious entrees while keeping their precious nutrients intact.

And if you’re wondering what healthy meal to prepare for dinner tonight, in Jessica’s article, you’ll find three mouth-watering recipes to choose from!

This issue of Home Cures That Work offers yet another relevant topic: the pursuit of happiness. Happiness—we all seek it. Our forefathers declared our right to pursue it—but how? Why is true happiness so sought after and yet seemingly so rare?

In the article, 10 Tips for Pursuing Health and Happiness, discover the keys for finding true happiness.  Writer Rob Fischer provides you with 10 practical ways for bringing more happiness into your life. These are simple changes you can put into practice beginning right now.

Visit Home Cures That Work to unveil the wealth of information you’ll find there for pursuing your health and happiness!

P.S. As if maximizing the nutrients in your food and the pursuit of happiness weren’t enough, this issue of Home Cures That Work provides you with invaluable information on why and how to keep your lymphatic system functioning well for optimum health.

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