What is an affordable,

safe and natural way to lower cholesterol?

My husband is on 2 medications to lower his cholesterol and his family has a history of heart problems. His grandfather died of a heart attack at 48 and his father died at 67 after having

by-pass surgery for heart disease. One of my husband’s cholesterol medications is Zocar and now he has to have his blood checked regularly for liver damage. This makes me very concerned about the safety of the cholesterol medication.  I have been researching pharmaceutical companies that claim their drugs lower cholesterol, but the price is unaffordable.  This, plus questioning the safety of pharmaceutical drugs, makes me want to pursue natural and cost-effective ways of lowering cholesterol.

The marketing department of Zocor and others has very effectively given us the idea that elevated cholesterol a disease for which we should seek pharmaceutical treatment.  However, the research doesn’t come to the same conclusion.  In fact, even the landmark “Framingham Heart Study”  showed only a 36% correlation of cholesterol and heart disease — and that came only after they were hand-picked.

The reality is that only a tiny proportion of those currently taking cholesterol medications actually need it.  High cholesterol is a symptom, not a disease.  If your cholesterol is elevated, especially with a family history such as that noted above, the concern would be vascular disease.  In order to avoid the fate of your ancestors, most people in America could immediately look to their lifestyle.

A high fiber (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, etc.) and low fat diet has been proven in multiple studies to naturally lower cholesterol and reverse heart disease.  Regular exercise also plays an important part in preventing vascular disease.

As far as taking pharmaceutical pills, they are rarely necessary.

  • Garlic helps to lower cholesterol naturally – and affordably. The best way is to eat garlic is to have one raw clove chopped or crushed into your food per day.
  • The soluble fiber in fruits and vegetables saves you from having to take a dangerous pharmaceutical drug.
  •  For those rare cases when lifestyle changes aren’t sufficient red yeast rice extract works well.

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