Beverly Hills, California—David H., a genius inventor from Beverly Hills, owns several patents for his revolutionary inventions that have generated more than $100 million in sales.  Over the last 3 years, he has developed and perfected his most recent invention—a first-of-its-kind, 100% plant-based, organic formula that makes the sun’s rays reverse the skin’s aging process—helps virtually eliminate the occurrence of sunburn and protect against sun damage and skin cancer.

This breakthrough formula is called Solar Youth Factor™—and it’s an extraordinary discovery that makes sunlight your skin’s anti-aging weapon.  Once you try this formula, you’ll understand why it has caused a buying frenzy among countless celebrities in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Los Angeles (see celebrity testimonials below).

Just imagine …

  • ImageProxy.mvcYour skin growing younger every time sunlight touches your skin…
  • Saying “goodbye” to the look of wrinkles, dry skin, age spots and freckles—and reversing the visible signs of aging even while you stay out in the sun…
  • Getting a beautiful, healthy, even tan—and virtually eliminating the likelihood of sunburn and skin damage
  • Boosting your skin’s collagen production and cellular renewal—and restoring your skin to a youthful, healthy state while being exposed to direct or indirect sunlight
  • Filtering out the sun’s harmful UV rays, letting the beneficial rays in—and enhancing your body’s Vitamin D production, thereby supporting optimum health!

Here’s how the formula works.

Solar Youth Factor™ actively converts the sun’s UV rays into beneficial red light that activates the skin’s ability to reverse aging and provides remarkable sun protectionSunlight (direct or indirect) interacts with the amino peptides in the formula, and it signals the skin to produce its own collagen, the building block of youthful, healthy skin—thereby making your skin look and feel younger.

Solar Youth Factor

A manufacturer and marketer of high-end skincare brands sold in major department stores paid David H. half a million dollars to use David’s red-light-activating discovery in its pricey anti-aging products.

  Look and Feel Younger in 6 to 8 Weeks —and Even Increase Your Life Span!

Solar Youth Factor™ capsules contain an algae-based nutrient which is the most powerful antioxidant found in nature.  Human studies demonstrate that 6 milligrams of this nutrient a day (about 1½ capsules) for 6 to 8 weeks significantly reduces the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles and the size of age spots while improving the skin’s youthful elasticity and texture.  Recent laboratory studies show that it can even increase human life span!  In the words of one researcher, it shows “demonstrable promise for slowing age-related functional decline.”

Why Celebrities are Crazy About This New Anti-Aging Discovery

These are real-life case studies of just a few celebrities who have used Solar Youth Factor.
Their names have been excluded for privacy reasons.

  • Sunlight anti aging weapons for skinA movie/TV star, who’s well known for his eternally sun-tanned skin, has been suffering from skin cancer and serious skin damage in recent years because of overexposure to the sun.  Upon using Solar Youth Factor cream and capsules, he declared, “These are the most superior products I’ve ever used for my skin and for sun protection.  Years of sun damage are disappearing and I’m looking so much younger!  Simply amazing!”
  • A famous actress who’s a star of a popular Real Housewives TV show, says, “My hair stylist recommended these products to me.  Now, I’m an avid fan, and I can’t live without this miraculous cream and capsules!”
  • A one-time supermodel turned sitcom actress, who’s won 4 awards as Best Actress in a Comedy Series, uses Solar Youth Factor capsules and cream daily.  She says, “I simply won’t use any other sun protection product or skincare cream because I know these are the best in the world, period.”
  • A comedy film star who’s famous for starring in the funniest blockbuster movies loves the cream and capsules so much that when he went on a film shoot that required long days under the sun, he brought 18 bottles of Solar Youth Factor with him.

Discover how Solar Youth Factor can help your skin reverse the aging process, provide the most superior sun protection, and protect you against sun damage and skin cancer.  Read the success stories of people whose previously sun-damaged skin is now visibly improved and younger-looking—and find out how you can take advantage of the limited-time Introductory Offer… get a FREE bottle of Solar Youth Factor cream and capsules .


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