Hi, welcome to the new & improved Barton Publishing Blog!

I decided to migrate to my own blog, instead of a WordPress blog, so I could have more control over the content (no advertising for you to be annoyed by).

My intentions are to share natural remedies and cures from all varieties on subjects such as acid reflux, kidney stones, ADD/ADHD, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gout, bad breath, depression, urinary tract infections, gallstones, and much more!

Our business is built around providing you with information that will help you overcome your health troubles using tested, proven home remedies. Our reports contain detailed, step-by-step information that will walk you through the process of what has worked for others, and what should work for you. Our followup emails give you added motivation to do what you need to do, plus gives you extra helpful tips to help you live in excellent health.

But, we are not medical doctors… and though our reports are based on the latest research, we still need to cover our bases and use disclaimers – which basically says, before you do anything, we suggest you check with your doctor first.

All of our reports share some common traits:

  1. They are about 35-45 pages long
  2. They are available for immediate download, and for an extra $6.00, you can receive a printed copy mailed to your home.
  3. They each come with a 100% money-back guarantee – if you buy and try and don’t like, just email us (support[at]bartonpublishing.com) and let us know – it’s that easy!
  4. They are comprehensive reports – they don’t just give you the home remedies, they delve into alternative cures such as homeopathic, diet, exercies, and more. Plus, we give you detailed info on prevention, causes & symptoms, and additional resources for further research.
  5. We don’t leave you hanging after you buy a report – we followup with you after you buy, and keep you motivated and informed.

At the right side of this page, you will see links to most of our other reports. We recommend that you share this blog with your friends and family who may be suffering from any of these health issues, because it will save them a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering, side effects from drugs, and spending money for countless doctor visits and trips to the pharmacy.

Our philosophy is, if there’s a health problem, there’s a cure. And we are continually expanding our reach to help more and more people live healthy through natural means instead of man-made drugs (which are usually toxic and full of side effects).

OK, I’ve blogged long enough for now!

If you like the new design of this blog, or have any other comments you’d like to share, please leave a comment below!

God bless you & yours,