There’s A Natural Reverse Diabetes Cure, But It’s NOT Insulin

Diabetes is common in my family; I’ve always seen the suffering and the sense of hopelessness. I think I was about nine years old when I promised my Grandmother I would find a diabetes cure someday.

In fact that’s just what I did. I didn’t invent a natural diabetes treatment; I simply discovered the truth about it.

The diabetes cure has always been with us as long as the dis-ease.

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Unfortunately, bad diabetic habits are hard to break, but I know if you are willing you can reverse diabetes.

It’s amazing how many people are misled to think insulin is a cure for diabetes. There is a natural diabetes cure, but it is not from injecting or taking insulin.

Insulin enables a person to survive while in a diabetic state of imbalance, but it is no diabetes cure. I realize the drug companies have been claiming that only drugs cure, treat and prevent. But, it is simply untrue. Drugs have nothing to do with curing diabetes or any other dis-ease.

Normally, a person’s pancreatic beta cells (Islets of Langerhorns) act as insulin thermostats. However, if your immune system has attacked them mistakenly, they shut down and go “dormant.” This type of diabetic imbalance is called diabetes type 1.

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The same goes for insulin resistance, also known as pre-diabetes or diabetes type 2. This type 2 imbalance is a result of cell membranes becoming “resistant” to the natural hormone insulin. The result is dangerously high blood sugar and high insulin levels.

Both of these diabetic symptoms have a root cause, which is “cell membrane health.”

During the last couple of decades a few key natural diabetes remedies have been successful in activating “healing genes” and deactivating bad ones. This is where we turn to cure diabetes.

All of this depends on “cell membrane health.” You see the cell membrane is the “brain” of the cell. Contrary to popular assumption, the gene is not the command center; it’s only the reproductive organs. Of course, they are important, but they are not in control; the “cell membrane” is the key to the natural treatment of diabetes.

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