When we were young, collagen was the most abundant protein in our bodies and important for numerous bodily functions. But after age 50 our collagen levels drop. So we need to be intentional about getting it into our diet.  Collagen is vital for the health of our gut, hair and nails, skin, joints, sleep, and even weight loss.

A month or so ago I asked a co-worker’s friend to try collagen and see for herself whether it was worth all the hype. I’m pleased to report it was a glowing success! If you’ve ever “lost” your keys before, then you are going to want to read this!

green-collagen-berry-smoothieIn this issue of Home Cures That Work, Susan shares three simple, tasty recipes for getting collagen into your diet for improved health. Looking to boost your protein intake with other potential benefits like joint support, skin health maintenance and more? Look beyond the standard whey protein and consider collagen!

Try this healthy morning coffee elixir. Or, if coffee is not your thing, how about a delicious smoothie? These recipes provide a great appetizing way for getting the amino acid powerhouses you need.

Health Tip

Candida can be the underlying problem for numerous other ailments. And while 1 in 3 American suffer from systemic Candida, very few even know they have it. Find out how to get a simple diagnosis, even one you can do at home.

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