You ever have one of those days where it all goes amazingly well?

Even if you had one of those yesterday, today can leave you wiped out with shingles.

Even on the loveliest of days, you can run out of steam in the afternoon. Being ill with shingles makes it difficult to get out bed in the morning, leaving you exhausted, tired and over-stretched.

Handing shingles over to God and finding inner freedom can be sought after through Pastor Steve Hickey’s article in this month’s Home Cures That Work Shingles edition:

Don’t let your battery start to run down, especially in the quality of the holiday season.

It may be sobering to realize medicine can’t fix everything from poor state of mind to poor bodily health.  But one thing you can do is find the reality of eating well.

We put together a holiday eating guide with seasonal recipes to the alternative calorie rich dishes.  Read the “excess of good” in the food holiday guide here:

Anything that will increase the effectiveness of the immune system, such as exercise, a simple diet – even fasting a meal or two – freedom from stress, heat treatments and an abundance of fresh air, water and sunshine, should help.

For full shingles stress and cortisol control coverage, follow the link here:

The odyssey of shingles may last for months.

One thing is for sure, the sustained periods of feeling well will make you appreciate and marvel at everything. Natural health will return, if in glimpses, and your energy to enjoy life will progress.

Learn all that you can before overdoing it! Home Cures That Work Shingles Issue, December 2010 is your guide to possibility.

P.S. Shingles drugs: will they kill you or cure you?  Pain and suffering will come to an end, but what kind of end?  Drugs may have a hand in it…