What if you could regenerate healthy cells, purify your body of toxins, and enjoy a life-activating jolt of natural energy just by adding a few drops of pure, potent potential to your favorite juice or water?

Brace yourself for no more what ifs… because you finally can!

After 30 years of research, and tens of millions of dollars spent, a team of European doctors, marine scientists, and microbiologists has uncovered a strain of micro-algae that contains the highest nutritional values of any food source on the planet.

glass of water flood of healingIt’s loaded with hundreds of nutrients, including all the essential amino acids (that our body cannot produce on its own), all the essential fatty acids (including heart-saving omega 3s), more than 92 trace minerals, popular vitamins and rare antioxidants, phospholipids, electrolytes, nucleic acids, enzymes, co-enzymes…

AND… it contains all this in the ideal proportion, the exact ratio needed to repair and rejuvenate your brain, heart, lungs, immune and digestive systems (you name it!) at the deepest cellular level.

You can finally stop suffering from chronic conditions and start enjoying…

 A healthy heart

  Improved cognitive function

  Healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels

 Balanced blood sugar

 A healthy inflammatory response

 Joint comfort and increased mobility

 A healthy liver and digestive system

What’s the Scoop on Marine Phytoplankton Anyways?

Marine phytoplankton, such as chlorella and blue green algae, feed over 99% of all ocean life and either directly or indirectly support 100% of life on Earth.

According to NASA research, there’s a particular strain of phytoplankton that is responsible for producing a whopping 90% of our planet’s oxygen.  This phytoplankton’s primary responsibility is to convert inorganic raw material (such as seawater, minerals, sunlight and CO2) into living, edible organic nutrients.

But until recently, humans were unaware of and unable to access this nutrient-dense strain of phytoplankton.

Now, all that changes, as marine scientists have discovered a way to cultivate this potent Nannochloropsis gaditana strain in controlled pure water tanks.

Here is a picture of the Bio-Reactor in Spain where Ocean’s Alive is actually grown!

There’s no worry about ocean toxins (such as mercury and PCBs) and other pollutants, because this phytoplankton is bred in pure ocean water tanks.

What Makes this Plankton so Different?

Other marine algae have cell walls that are nearly impenetrable, and not even the most primed digestive system is able to break it down to digest all the nutrients inside.

Nannochloropsis gaditana, on the other hand, has an instantly digestible wall that is 100 times more bioavailable than any other algae or food source know to man!  Nutrients are immediately released for healing at the cellular level.

Its microscopic nano-size makes it ideally suited for accelerated healing.  The plankton is composed of single cells that zip by the digestive system and head straight to the liver, where they enter the bloodstream and penetrate deep into the cells for immediate healing.

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Marine Phytoplankton is Power-Packed with Disease Fighting Nutrients

Nutritional experts and doctors agree: Consume this strain of phytoplankton and watch as your health improves with age. Let’s talk nutrients:

Chlorophyll ⇒ the green pigment that activates photosynthesis and produces oxygen.  Chlorophyll produces cancer-fighting carotenoids, purifies the blood, supplies magnesium, neutralizes free radicals before they can cause oxidative damage and accelerate aging, and helps regulate more than 300 metabolic processes.

Carotenoids ⇒ rich in disease-fighting carotenoids—such as zeaxanthin, canthxanthin and astaxanthin—which strengthen the immune system, optimize gene expression, preserve the lining of the digestive tract, improve the resiliency of the skin, and defend against cancer.

DHA ⇒ predominant structural fatty acid in the central nervous system that supports brain development and maintains a healthy retina.  According to Dr. Oz, DHA is the most important food supplement you can take, and the Nannochloropsis gaditana strain contains more DHA than any other food source!

EPA ⇒ an essential fatty acid that works synergistically with DHA to produce nearly every nutrient the body needs.  Together, they lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, cognitive decline, macular degeneration (disease of the retina) and colon and prostate cancers.

Vitamins ⇒ Nannochloropsis gaditana contains your favorites: Vitamin C (which protects against cancer, immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease and macular degeneration) and vitamin B complex, which is crucial to the metabolism of fats, carbs, protein, and to the smooth functioning of the nervous system.

Turn Your Glass of Water into a Flood of Healing

The health benefits of marine phytoplankton are too numerous to list here, but include:

      Enhance memory—because the plankton can pass through the blood-brain barrier, nutrients are able to activate neurotransmitter production and boost memory

      Control Blood Sugar—with such potent nutrients at your disposal, mineral deficiencies are overturned and glucose levels stabilized

      Lose Weight—energy is delivered directly to the cells, which speeds metabolism and sheds those pounds

      Help Neurological Disorders—nutrients such as phospholipids, DHA and EPA repair the protective sheathing around nerve cells, thereby healing many neurological disorders.

Marine Phytoplankton is available in its most potent, whole raw form from only one source: Ocean’s Alive.

You no longer have to swallow a handful of supplements but can conveniently add a few drops to juice or water.

That’s 170 billion live cells coursing through your body and delivering life energy to nutrient-starved tissues and cells!

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