by David Kekich

What would you say wealthy people do to maintain their wellness?

Nutritious diets maybe? How about exercise? Those are 1 and 2 on my longevity list. Well, what they do may surprise you.

Millionaire investors say maintaining their health is as important as maintaining their current financial position,” according to new research by online investor center Millionaire Corner.

Reward for exercise is youthfulness

“But they spend much more time managing their investments than their health.

“Six out of 10 Millionaire investors, with $1 million up to $5 million in net worth not including their primary residence, cite their health as a top personal concern while 62% worry about maintaining their current financial position.

“Health concerns edge out financial concerns for Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) investors, who have $5 million to $25 million in net worth, with 56% concerned about their health compared to 55% concerned about maintaining their financial position.

“Yet, while 53% of Millionaire investors and 62% of UHNW investors are actively involved in the day-to-day management of their investments, far fewer are exercising more, trying to keep their weight down or eating healthier foods than five years ago.

“Just 9% of Millionaire investors and 7% of UHNW investors are eating more healthy

food than five years ago. More have worked on overcoming a bad habit, such quitting smoking or consuming too much caffeine, in the past five years: 24% of Millionaire investors and 30% of UHNW investors.”

Thanks to Catherine McBreen, president of Millionaire Corner for these insights. She would be happy to provide more information about wealthy investors’ efforts for maintaining their health and financial fitness.

This looks like typical “Do as I say, not as I do” mentalities. Is it that they just pay lip service to wellness, or do they really care? My guess is, they really do care but simply don’t know the consequences of their actions… or inactions.

I know, most of them are busier than the average bear. So are a lot of other people, including yours truly. Then what sets those

apart who do what they say from those who don’t?

I think it’s a matter of education. Most people need to learn life’s hard lessons from experience, regardless of all the advice they get from wealthy mentors.

  • You KNOW all those cheeseburgers are bad for you… but they’re so yummy.
  • You KNOW you should exercise regularly, but you have so many pressing matters that there just aren’t enough hours in a day.
  • Meditating? Sure, you know chronic stress kills, but you simply can’t break away for 15 minutes a day to de-stress.

Mainly, here’s something most DON’T know.

“The reward for exercise, diet and stress management could be open-ended youthfulness.”

If the super-rich and everyone else learned and accepted that, then don’t you think they’d change?

Unfortunately, only some. There’s a huge mental disconnect between the inconvenience of changing harmful habits and a reward far into the future. It takes real long-term thinking to act today for an abstract far off payday. And most people are short-termers.

Too bad. Short-termism costs, and will continue to cost millions of lives.


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