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“Could you give me an idea of how someone currently taking prescribed medication can slowly get off drugs using our natural remedies?
My mom, for example, is taking HBP meds and is afraid of just quitting them cold turkey… how can someone like her slowly reduce them, and finally be off them for good?
Same would go for people on Nexium for reflux, depression drugs, etc.


Some drugs you can just stop without any detriment, and others need to be weaned.  It depends on the drug, the dose, and the length of time taking it.  This is the advantage of having a medical doctor help with the specific problem.  Many depression medications cause discomfort if stopped suddenly.  However, even in this case it’s highly variable.

Generally, since hypertension isn’t a problem over days, weeks or months, but rather years or decades it isn’t a problem to stop anti-hypertensives.  Some may get rapid heartbeats (if they were on a beta blocker, for example).  There are ways around this, though with Hawthorne berry and magnesium.

You mentioned the realproblem — fear.  Those who believe the drug company propaganda will have a phobia of not taking medications.  I have a patient who uses a walker because she gets dizzy every time she stands up — a side-effect of her blood pressure medication, but since she’s gripped by fear every time I try to take her off of them, she won’t quit. 

If you teach the truth, the fear goes away and many are willing to take responsibility for their own health and will automatically stop taking them.

The second important part is to have a replacement.  Not necessarily a pill, but something that fills the need.  Voltaire said, “The difference between man and the animals is man’s need to take pills.”  OK, use a pill for the anxious who need to “do something.” 

A more useful thing long-term is to change the lifestyle (exercise habits and food choices) which changes the whole organism and improves life and health.

Dr. S


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