If you are a coffee addict or energy drink fanatic, there is something out there far better, safer, and more effective than caffeine and sugars!

Trade In Your Coffee For This…Yerba Mate Tea

Do you need more energy?  Are you a coffee addict or energy drink fanatic?

Well, there is something out there far better, safer and more effective than caffeine and sugar laden energy drinks and coffee.  It’s called Yerba Mate and it’s been the celebrated drink of choice in South America for centuries. Yerba Mate is an excellent rejuvenator, body energizer, mental alertness stimulator and healing accelerator.

Made from the leaves of the powerful tree of the same name, Yerba Mate is grown in the rich and nourishing rainforest.  It is traditionally drunk out of a mate gourd, but because of increased popularity, it is now even sold in tea bags for easy energy and nutrition.  Amazingly, Yerba Mate has abundant antioxidants, even more than green tea.  It also naturally contains:

  • 24 Vitamins and Minerals
  • 15 Amino Acids
  • 11 Polyphenols (these are powerful antioxidants)

Mateine vs Caffeine

Yerba Mate contains a substance similar to caffeine called mateine.   It stimulates the nervous system like caffeine, but thankfully it is not addicting.

Mateine also does not cause the “caffeine crash” that so many people experience after trying to restore alertness. Mate tends to encourage a more steady, sustained energy and is know as one of nature’s most balanced stimulant.  Plus, it doesn’t disturb your sleeping patterns or increase your blood pressure.

Yerba Mate and Weight Loss

In recent years, Yerba Mate has created quite a buzz and has been hailed by the health-conscious national media as a “secret” ingredient in weight loss formulas that will safely shrink your appetite, tame your cravings, rev you up and trim you down.

Mate has a thermogenic effect in individuals, increasing the proportion of fat burned as energy, so it actually helps you burn fat!

Try drinking a cup of Yerba Mate before breakfast and also with lunch.  You could also drink a third cup mid to late afternoon.  Keeping Yerba Mate in your system throughout the day will keep its thermogenic action continually working. It will also provide you with the needed mental approach and energy to stay consistent with your diet and exercise regimen.

One Drink Several Ways

With Yerba Mate gaining more and more popularity, there are becoming a lot more options in ways to drink it.

  • Flavored Mate Tea bags like Orange and Chocolate
  • Loose Mate blended with Coffee grounds
  • Energy Drinks
  • Mate Concentrate
  • Iced Mate Tea
  • Yerba Mate Latte

The Yerba Mate Latte is by far my favorite.  It’s a great refreshing alternative to a morning coffee and quite easy to make.  You can enjoy your mate several different ways.

  1. Brew in a coffee pot (4 Tbsp to 12 cups) – Yes, you can make it in your coffee pot!
  2. French Press – The pluger pot is perfect!
  3. Expresso Maker (1tbsp per shot) – Make a traditional latte with flavor and substitute Yerba Mate for coffee.
  4. Strainer Tea Ball – Simply measure a half ounce portion and splash with cool water to help preserve nutrients, then steep in hot (but not boiling) water for 3-4 minutes. Some folks add a splash of lemon!
  5. Steeped in a tea bag – Place one bag in a eight ounce cup. Add fresh water just off the stove and serve.

Once you have your hot Yerba Mate brewed, you just add the cream or milk of your choice and a touch of natural sweetener like honey or stevia.

Roasted mate is popular and has a nice roasted flavor.  Unfortunately, the roasting process destroys all the beneficial properties of the tea, so make sure the Yerba Mate you purchase is nice and green.  Roasted mate turns brown.

Yerba Mate has won many admirers around the world. People in search of a natural stimulant devoid of side effects and toxicity embrace Yerba Mate. Its properties include increased energy, appetite suppressant and thermogenic activity. If you want all the benefits of caffeine, without all the side effects, Yerba Mate is a great choice.  Easy to brew and packed full of antioxidants, trade in your coffee for Yerba Mate!

Please share your Yerba Mate recipes so all can enjoy the success you are having!