My good friend musician, speaker, and author Michael S. Tyrrell and I would like to give you—as in for FREE—a copy of Barton Publishing’s amazing collection of songs called Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project.

This is a genuine, original copy available for you to download instantly right NOW.  It normally sells for $49.00… but today—if you qualify—it’s yours for the asking.

This exclusive product contains nearly 3 FULL hours of amazing, healing music for you to enjoy any time… on all of your devices and computers.

Music therapy has been clinically tested and proven effective by Walter Reed Medical Center in a recent ground-breaking study with REAL veterans of war with PTS, anxiety disorders, and depression

Only music stimulates the entire brainAnother separate study showed music therapy used in hospitals reduced post-operative pain by 21% and depression by 25%.

Now it’s your turn… take a look at just a few of the advantages listeners of Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project have reported:

  • Wipes away feelings of guilt, fear, and anxiety
  • Phases out procrastination, junk food cravings, and actually eases stomach problems, balances your metabolism… soothes headaches and lower back pain…
  • Helps you finally achieve deep relaxation… relieves stress so you can enjoy peaceful bliss.  Eases muscle tension, and releases troubles of circulation…
  • Fosters peace and forgiveness in all your relationships…
  • Soothing vibrations can support healthy heart function and encourage healthy blood flow by relaxing and constricted the muscles lining your blood vessels…

Plus much more…

Weird thing is the frequencies used by Michael to create this unique music—7 beautiful songs each 22 minutes in length—came from 7 ancient healing frequencies of King David… that were hidden away for 3,000 years.

Check out this interview with Michael S. Tyrrell—fascinating stuff!

Would you like to know how to get your FREE copy of Wholetones?

To get this collection of healing music for FREE right NOW, all you have to do is agree to try out a tremendous new advance in light and color therapy called Wholetones Chroma.

It adds stunning High-Definition colors and therapeutic light to the healing songs of Wholetones!

It’s amazing

…this product turns your living room (or any room with a television and DVD or BluRay player) into Healing Spa that’s super-simple to use.

Just connect any video disc player to your television, pop in your copy, and press play.

Works with any TV too…

But there’s more…

You’ll also get a FREE copy of Michael’s new book Wholetones: The Sound of Healing (sells for $19.97)!

Together, The Sound of Healing book AND all 7 songs of The Healing Frequency Music Project are valued at $68.97.

But today they’re yours FREE just for trying out Wholetones Chroma with no risk and no catch.

Listen—if you’re even a little curious to find out how this music works to relax you… turn depression into peace… relieve anxiety, stress, negative feelings—quickly and with no effort on your part—then this is the time to satisfy that curiosity.

Because opportunities like this don’t come along often enough.

Best of all—your satisfaction is absolutely required.

If Wholetones Chroma does NOT bring you the peace and relaxation you deserve, simply return it.  But please—do keep your copies of Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project and Michael’s book Wholetones: The Sound of Healing—no further obligation.

BUT… we’re only giving you one shot to take advantage of this exclusive offer. 

Wholetones ChromaAvoid regret and get the following:

  • Your risk-free trial of Wholetones Chroma… (ships tomorrow)
  • Your FREE downloadable copy of Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project…
  • AND your FREE copy of Michael’s fascinating book The Sound of Healing

…even if you send Chroma back you still keep your FREE gifts.  You have absolutely nothing to lose… not now, not ever.

Click here to claim your package NOW.

P.S. Don’t miss your only opportunity to own, enjoy, and share this deeply spiritual, proven-effective music collection for FREE.  Testimonials are pouring in every day from people all over the world who say they feel better, sleep deeply through the night, and are more productive in their days because of Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project.  Your copy of Wholetones and Michael’s book The Sound of Healing are FREE for you today just for trying a copy of Wholetones Chroma!  Don’t miss out.

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