How “the Most Clinically Studied Nutritional Herb” Unleashes Extraordinary
Healing Possibilities!

Can you name the most clinically studied, health-supporting plant-derived substance?  What about the most popular and affordable natural supplement named one of the “Top 10 Best-Selling Supplements in the U.S.” by Nutrition Business Journal?  Surprise: the answer to both of these questions is curcumin.

Curcumin comes from turmeric root, an herb prized by Ayurvedic medicine practitioners from over 6,000 years.  Fans of Indian cuisine may be familiar with the gold-colored powder derived from that same root and used to make richly spiced curries and mustards.  Extensive research confirms that curcumin is the active compound responsible for turmeric’s remarkable therapeutic properties, such as…

what to look for on a curcumin supplement labelStrengthen the body’s immune system
 Promote healthy digestive function
 Regulate blood sugar levels
 Support the body’s natural management of pain
 Promote joint comfort and flexibility
 Promote a healthy cardiovascular system

Scientists have even shown curcumin can support your body’s innate ability to support the prevention of the most serious diseases threatening us today.

But don’t rush off to the nearest health food store just yet.  Sadly, most curcumin supplements will not generate these amazing health benefits.

What to Look for on a Curcumin Supplement Label 

In order to select a supplement that can actually generate the incredible benefits curcumin is known for, there are certain key facts you must keep in mind.  For maximum health benefits, you must select a supplement that has at least 700 mg of curcumin.  The type of curcumin a supplement contains is just as important as the amount.

The only supplements that can truly fulfill the claims associated with curcumin are those that contain curcumin extract with 95 percent curcuminoids as well as pure, high-quality whole turmeric root full-spectrum powder.  Supplements that contain whole turmeric root full-spectrum powder give users components of the raw turmeric root that are typically lost during the turmeric extraction process.

It’s also crucial that the supplement be 100% certified organic.  Like all produce, conventionally grown turmeric is nutritionally depleted because the soil it’s grown in is depleted.  Additionally, pesticides and chemical additives used in non-organic farming can have long-term health risks.

That’s not all.  Supplements made from quality ingredients may still fail to deliver results.  Many companies overlook a specific property of curcumin, and consequently, their products are essentially worthless.

Bioavailability: The Make It or Break It Factor 

Along with its many positive properties, curcumin has one not-quite-so beneficial trait—poor bioavailability.  Bioavailability is a term used to describe the ability of the body to absorb a nutrient.  The higher a nutrient’s bioavailability, the greater its effect will be.

Most curcumin supplements, even those from reputable manufacturers, have so little bioavailability that they are not worth taking at all.  Even those that claim to deliver high doses will not live up to benefits associated with those doses if they cannot be absorbed and utilized by the body.

Some manufacturers add black pepper extract or piperine (a compound extracted from black pepper) to facilitate absorption.  With the addition of these ingredients, standard curcumin supplements can still take up to 8 weeks to kick in.  So the best case scenario would be that after two months of use, you would start to experience the benefits that led you purchase curcumin in the first place.  Thanks to a recent discovery, however, that’s no longer necessarily true.

How to Get 5 Times More Health Benefits 

In late 2014, a revolutionary delivery enhancer was developed that makes curcumin 500 percent more bioavailable.  Those who chose to take curcumin supplements made with this (patent-pending) enhancer got 5 times more health benefits than those who take any other curcumin supplement.  At this time, there is only one supplement that utilizes this delivery enhancer.

Bioavailability of curcumin

Fortunately, this supplement also satisfies the requirements mentioned earlier—it contains a full does of 700 milligrams of curcumin as well as full-spectrum whole turmeric root powder and is made from only 100 percent certified organic ingredients.  If you’re ready to make curcumin part of your daily health regimen, click here to reveal the supplement with the bioavailabilty boost you need to access its full spectrum of health benefits.