What is it that influences the aging process?

Albert Einstein showed us that chronological time can either drag by or speed by very quickly, depending on your state of mind or point of perspective.

Typically, the more we enjoy “the moment” the faster time flies, and unfortunately, the more painful an experience the slower time seems to move.

Your biological age also has variables which influences the aging process. You either age gracefully and slowly, or awkwardly and fast.

The biggest factor to slowing your biological age isn’t what you might expect. The biggest influential factor to biologically aging is not food, water or  healthy lifestyle (although they are very important factors).  The biggest factor is your attitude.

Your intentions, expectations and core beliefs have the greatest effect on your health and vitality, and determine whether you stay young or grow old.

Drug makers waste billions of hard-earned American dollars each year failing to make a “magic pill” that might work even slightly better than the placebo effect . . .

Most drugs can’t beat the placebo effect. Why? Because, the biggest influence on whether a placebo or drug works begins in the mind…whether we think it will or not.

So, the trick to stay young is to keep that twinkle in your eye! The right attitude can make the aging process appear to move like a snail.

Sure everyone wrinkles due to the effects of gravity and dehydration, but there are steps you can take to slow and even reverse some of that.

Yet the real test of youthful health and vitality is how you feel on the inside!

Everyone knows someone who takes their youthfulness for granted, sitting around, sleeping in, dragging their tired feet everywhere they go, right?

Apathy Fuels the Aging Process

It’s becoming rare these days, but I’m sure you’ve seen people in their “Golden Years” running around, making things happen in the community, staying involved with their grandchildren and yet still have the gumption to exercise and travel. . . it’s as if they’re full of energy and good will 24/7.

Great philanthropists seem to fit this profile, while raising awareness for important things in the world with one hand . . . they still manage to enjoy a fruitful and healthy life on the other hand as well.

Before you can benefit from the “right” diet and a healthy lifestyle, you must master the inner game of attitude first.

Healthy Attitude = Healthy Lifestyle = Staying Young

We all live in a world made of ideas, a mental universe if you will.

Once you’ve embraced a healthier lifestyle attitude, you’ll stay young by making smarter choices in regards to your health and vitality and you’ll see your world transform right before your twinkling eyes.

A good attitude will help slow the aging process by opening your eyes to the joys of the wonderful world around you, rather than depending on the current prescription drug model of medical practice to stay young.

Taking pharmaceuticals out of fear and insecurity places an extraordinary burden on your entire body and mind. Instead of taking drugs every time you have a symptom, try drinking naturally alkalized water!

Nothing ages you faster than a victim attitude, chronic dehydration and prescription drugs …

Now that you’re willing to “listen” to the signals your body is giving off, you can slow or even stop age-related diseases and chronic pain. This includes angina, rheumatoid joints, migraines, allergies, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and strokes to name a few.

So welcome in the dawn of each day with a tall, cool glass of water, and celebrate the wonders of the world you live in!