Chances are you’re currently experiencing some form of stress, anxiety or even depression in your life. And unfortunately, it’s true—nearly every disease stems from stress or anxiety and none of us are immune!

But in this month’s issue of Home Cures That Work,you’ll discover a wide variety of effective, natural approaches that provide prevention against and relief from the universal problem of anxiety and stress.

Home Cures That Work for AnxietyCould it be that the solution to anxiety, stress and depression is as simple as eating and breathing? Nutritionist Amanda Box reveals 4 foods to avoid and 8 foods to enjoy that promote great emotional health. (I know some of these will really surprise you!)

Anxiety, fear and panic can rob you of rational thought and behavior, but by following some simple breathing techniques, you can regain control—even when experiencing a panic attack. Go to the “Breathing Your Way out of Anxiety” article to master two of these breathing exercises.

In this issue of Home Cures That Work, you’ll also discover:

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P.S.  Hungry for a change? In this issue of Home Cures That Work, you’ll find two delicious recipes to drastically reduce the amount of anxiety you experience and improve happiness. Make a better decision with your eating habits now!