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New science is now revealing how the secret healing powers hidden in plants can help protect you from the health conditions you fear the most. The fact is our ancient botanical friends have amazing healing qualities that man simply cannot reproduce.

Since before recorded history mankind has depended upon specific plants for extraordinary health and wellness . . . and now we’ve married two of Mama Nature’s most potent super foods into one delicious and guilt free solution.

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This 100% all-natural Aloe vera and cranberry juice has ZERO carbohydrates, is ONLY 8 calories and delivers 5 grams of soluble fiber (the good fiber) in a single serving. This amazing juice isn’t only great tasting it’s indescribably good for you too.

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– “… My cholesterol is down 37%” — Diane Q. Bronx, NY
– “… No more acid reflux drugs” — Dorothy W. High Point, NC
– “… Blood sugars under control” — Lester L., Sacramento, CA

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