Here’s why eating Paleo will make you fatter…

Eat More Burn More FoodsGoing cold turkey on your favorite foods is a recipe for disaster. It simply won’t last. And after a few days (or weeks if you’re extremely disciplined), you’ll be bored, frustrated, and tired of eating the same tasteless meals every day.

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And the moment you slip up, the binge begins and you’ll end up heavier than when you started. I’ve seen it too many times. There’s no need to eat boring, bland meals just to lose a few pounds, especially if it’s all going to come back (and probably more).

Here’s a better way to eat your favorite comfort foods 100% guilt-free and still lose weight.

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Here’s why these delicious recipes are better than all those other diet programs:

You can OVEREAT these foods at every single meal and still lose weight. My friend Chef Gui is an expert at “fixing” your favorite comfort foods and turning them into great tasting, fat-burning meals. You won’t have to worry about giving up your favorite foods ever again…

Which means you’ll be able to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Overeat These Foods at Every Meal and Still Lose Weight

Enough with the diet restrictions, it’s time to enjoy yourself and the food you eat.