Why NASA Has BANNED Blood Pressure Drugs for all the Astronauts.

Astronauts may have the most high-pressured job in the world.

But you’ll be stunned when you hear what astronauts do to keep their blood pressure in check.

They never take normal blood pressure drugs.

12 of the most effective easier to get and little know blood pressure cures you can getIn fact, if an astronaut takes any of the most-prescribed blood pressure drugs, they’re not allowed to fly.

You might think they have a special kind of drug that is more expensive and more effective.

You’re wrong.

They only take natural remedies.

They don’t have a choice.

The Aerospace Medical Association guidelines insist they use natural remedies for blood pressure.

That’s right: NASA has effectively banned common high blood pressure drugs in favor of natural remedies.

Which brings me to my big question:

If these blood pressure drugs are so dangerous, why are most doctors prescribing them to their patients?

The answer: The blood pressure drugs are based on a lie.

And even worse, your doctor may not even know the lie unless he’s done his homework.

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Some of them are the same ones used by NASA!