In today’s article from one of our top trusted Nutritionists, you’ll discover a few shocking things about the food that you might be eating daily, including:

* Why certain so-called “healthy” vegetable oils (yes, including canola oil) are CAUSING heart disease, obesity, and possibly even cancer in your body

* The exact reasons why sugar is slowly killing you and your family (you can still enjoy dessert, but you NEED to know how to do it right to prevent damage in your body)

* Why those whole wheat breads are actually AGING your body faster (and causing diabetes), including aging of your joints, brain, and skin, and what to do about it.

* The 2 types of milks to AVOID at all costs (these are damaging your hormones)

* And the common plant-based “side dish” that you eat at restaurants that’s proven in a New Zealand study to CAUSE heart attacks

>> Why to STOP eating whole wheat bread, vegetable oils & these cereals (plus the “side dish” that causes heart attacks)