Here’s a shocking fact: The human body loses more than half a pound of muscle every year, beginning at age 30.

In addition, the absence of lean muscle invites fat and flab. Because muscles burn calories, fewer muscles equal greater body fat.

Plus, it’s just not your body that declines. Your memory and cognitive abilities decline as a result of being sedentary. In addition, circulation slows, arteries clog and your sex life suffers over the course of time.

Strength = “Youth” (No Matter What Your Age!)

Losing muscle is the fast lane to rapid aging.

When you’re weak, you tire easily and don’t feel like physical activity, spending more time on the couch as a result. Of course, this just hastens even more muscle loss.

Before you realize it, you’re looking and feeling “old” — even if you’re only in your 40s, 50s, or 60s.

Here is one good reason you should build your muscles: If you become ill or need surgery, your body calls upon the protein in your muscles to repair itself. If you’ve ever noticed, a patient  who’s bedridden for even a few days loses noticeable muscle tone and mass. By deciding to build muscle now, you’ll have a decided advantage later.

Does that mean you have to join a gym and hit the weights? No.

Weight-Lifting Isn’t for Everyone

It’s hard on your joints … easy to hurt yourself … and absolutely unnecessary for  toning and building muscle.

Studies show that you can build muscle and tone all the extra muscle you need to stay lean, fit, healthy and active by stretching.

Yes, Stretching Really Builds Muscle!

The ordinary stretching you see most people breezing through doesn’t do the job.

I’m talking about a unique, dynamic type of stretching developed by professional trainer Dana Laurie, which she calls the Stretchmatic Strength System.

It’s an amazingly efficient approach that tones and build muscles with unique “whole body stretches” that take only 15 seconds to perform.

And the entire full-body routine takes only 20 minutes to complete.

Dana’s Stretchmatic Strength Building System

Dana Laurie is a renowned certified fitness trainer who has a unique approach to helping people get into shape with her proprietary stretching program. (It’s so effective her classes are always sold out!)

Dana’s stretches do more than increase your flexibility (which everyone can use more of).

The Stretchmatic Strength System also builds muscle strength … improves balance … makes you more agile and graceful … and gets your entire body in shape from head to toe.

But, this isn’t a brutal workout. (It’s actually pretty easy!) Each dynamic stretch lasts just 15 seconds — and at the end of 20 minutes, you’ve toned your entire body. It’s really quite enjoyable!

Want to Give It a Try – With No Risk?

Dana has agreed to let Barton Publishing members try her Stretchmatic Strength System for 30 days — and she’ll guarantee your results.

This is a great offer — and I’ll tell you why…

Dana is in high demand as a personal trainer. She charges $50 for a private training session — and she’s worth every penny. Three weekly sessions with her would run $600 a month. But…

Her DVD Costs Less than One Session!

Much less, in fact.

If you’re not delighted with the Stretchmatic Strength System for any reason, Dana will promptly refund your money; she’s a woman of her word.

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