Do you believe dangerous drugs are the only way to control diabetes?

If so, this is not for you…

I need to tell you that up-front because I would hate for you to waste your time here.

I am about to share with you 4 unusual steps that can reverse — and even cure — type 2 diabetes. But, if you don’t think your blood sugar level can be safely controlled and maintained without shooting up insulin or taking other dangerous diabetes drugs, then you probably will not like what I have to say here.

However, if you so much as just want to believe that Mother Nature holds the key to unlocking the secrets of preventing and curing most any disease, then you are going to absolutely love this post.

First, let me give it to you straight. It’s been proven that type 2 diabetes can be reversed.

That’s right! An eye-opening new study conducted by UCLA researchers proved changes in diet and moderate exercise actually reversed diabetes in no less than 50% of the control group. In as little as just 3 weeks, free radicals and bad cholesterol plummeted and nitric oxide levels climbed through the roof. These are the major contributors to stopping diabetes in its tracks and preventing it from ruining the lives it infects.

Imagine…no more insulin injections, no more finger pricks and no more dangerous drugs.

In a moment you’ll see how. First, did you know that the Center for Disease Control has revealed that 79 million Americans are prediabetic? What this means is their blood sugar levels are 100 or slightly higher when they are not eating. Under 100 is normal. Now, it is much easier to drop that number before you become diabetic, fall into that high-risk group and get labeled by insurance companies and doctors.

Most diabetic and prediabetic folks carry around excess stomach fat. So, the first step to reversing your condition is to exercise moderately, stop drinking alcohol and eat healthier foods.

I know – you’ve heard that before – we all have. But, why then do we not take that valuable advice to heart? Truth is it is hard to break old habits and start fresh. I get that! But, let’s face it,we are not getting any younger and as the clock ticks, our bodies are less and less capable of fixing themselves without a little help. We have to help ourselves.

Let me be even more blunt. Diabetes is a leading cause of leg amputations. It damages your vision, can cause heart problems, kidney failure and even stroke.

Why anyone would want to live with those threats is beyond me. Fortunately, you don’t have to!

So, here is what you do:

1.     Drop the carbs. Carbohydrates cause dangerous spikes in your blood sugar levels. This tells the pancreas to boost the production of insulin in a whole up-down action, which throws your system out of whack. This can easily lead to full-blown diabetes in an unnervingly short period of time. So, knocking out the carbs is critical if you want to reverse or prevent this life-threatening disease from taking a grip on you. It is just not the breads you have to drop. This means surrendering starchy vegetables, too: peas, carrots, potatoes and root veggies. Instead, take a liking to leafy greens.

2.         Slash the processed meats. Try to get most of your protein from lean poultry and fish. Bacon, deli meats and hot dogs go through processing stages that result in a 19% greater risk for type 2 diabetes, according to a Harvard study. If you must, eat only unprocessed meats. But, beware of the saturated fat content, which can cause other health problems.

3.         Learn to read…nutrition labels, that is. On packaged foods, each label gives you a serving size and the amounts of sugars, fats, vitamins and so forth. Reading these labels makes it much easier for you to control your blood sugar by making the right decisions about the food you eat and how you work it into your diet. Also, try visiting with a nutritionist. They can help and may even be covered by your health insurance.

4.        Exercise. Exercise is important on so many levels it boggles the mind! But, this is an easy way for you to keep the fat off and build lean muscle. Exercise stimulates insulin production so your body will automatically adjust to manage its own blood sugar levels. Yeah, it’s that important. Look to exercise 150 minutes a week, but please start slow. It is best to pay your doctor a call and decide together what you can and cannot do right away.

Following these 4 steps can dramatically increase your quality of life —  and even prolong it. If you pay attention to what you put into your body and get the right amount of exercise, then you can prevent or keep type 2 diabetes from being a threat. No more insulin shots. No more finger pricking. No more dangerous drugs. No more worrying about the more serious health problems that diabetes can cause.

You can do it. Old habits are what got you into this in the first place. Time to change them up, live healthy and see the incredible result for yourself. Your motivation could allow you to drop your medication.

It is all up to you. Continue doing what you are doing and expect different results or go out and deliberately grab the results you expect. You could be balanced and free in just about 3 weeks.  The perfect plan awaits you Here.