Maybe you are a skeptic and not interested in hearing about some new fangled diet. Your food intake might be relatively healthy, but probably in need of a few changes. Do you feel sluggish and tired most of the time with no desire to do anything after work? Are you unable to get rid of that extra layer of fat around the middle?

Look at your calendar and count ahead 7 days. The days are going to pass by anyway. Why not something good for yourself in the meantime? You deserve to look and feel the best! If you are interested in a nutrition overhaul, then a detox is just what the doctor ordered!

There is much confusion surrounding detox, especially if you have never done it before. A detox could be the motivator you need to get your life back in balance again. You can lose the cravings for coffee, pastries and ice cream, while having more control of your thinking.

Gentle detoxing will give you more energy, health and vitality. You will be able to release any old habits that harm your health and begin to form new habits that boost your relationship to food and your body. Say goodbye to fatigue, headaches, bloating, and breakouts and prevent chronic disease by clearing out toxins in a gentle, whole foods way!

You can look forward to:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved energy and mood
  • Clearer skin
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased concentration and clarity

Not to mention the sense of satisfaction that comes from doing something really incredible for yourself. You can start to ease both your body and your mind, by reading this month’s issue of Home Cures That Work on detox:

Right now, you are possibly conjuring up images of deprivation, hunger pangs, hard work and irritability. Detoxification is just as much as removing the negative and adding in the positive steps that help you life a healthy life. If you feel like you barely have enough energy to make through the day, let alone pursue your greater goals in life, you will find targeted advice that will steadily lead you to a more vibrant life in the month’s issue of Home Cures That Work, safely and comfortably.
When you take in easy-to-digest foods that are rich in nutrients and healing properties, then your body can turn its attention to “taking out the trash.” This means that you are eliminating toxic debris that shows up in the form of aches and pains, congestion, allergies, rashes, skin breakouts, headaches, sciatica, IBS, cellulite and excess weight.

So, just for a moment imagine what your life will be like with a clear mind and energized body! Keep reading the articles in Home Cures That Work to make it happen! We incorporate all sorts of delicious whole food recipes, gentle exercises and amazing self-care techniques.

If you are nervous because this might be your very first detox or uncertain you don’t want to take the time, Home Cures That Work has a healthy menu plan for all laid out for you. It’s the ultimate in convenience and ease during your detox!

So, how can you detox or cleanse your body? What are the ways to detox your body you might ask? The good new is there are many body detox options available. We have herbal detox pills, colon cleansing, Master cleanse, herbal detox and so on and so forth. Home Cures That Work outlines the more popular of the many methods you can detoxify your body.

Anyone, anywhere can participate in this detox! No excuses. Don’t let distance, travel, money or other obligations hold you back from taking this amazing step towards renewed health and happiness. If you are not a Home Cures That Work member, give your body, mind and spirit the loving attention it craves by joining today and receiving over 30 back issues to download and digest! For one yearly subscription, your body will be rewarded with clearer thinking, weight loss, more vibrant energy and overall sense of well-being with the wealth of resources and information in every issue of Home Cures That Work. Let the “real you” come out and being enjoying “real life” today!

P.S. My dream is that everyone would detox, that people would take serious the food they put on the table everyday for their families…That they would spend as much time and money on healing, healthy organic whole foods than on toys, for themselves and children. Before your journey leads to cancer from an overload of toxins, protect yourself and your children by gaining back health with a body detox.