Lack of Restorative Sleep Shows Double-Digit Increases in Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart Disease

You know, I never knew this, but there’s a bedtime crisis sweeping our country.

And it’s pretty shocking to think about…  especially if you’re one of the folks affected by it.

Let me share the following studies with you.  They show that not getting enough sleep is a sure-fire way to increase your risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

The first is from Columbia University and says if you get too little or are restless during the night you are, “prone to obesity by 23-50%.”

Obesity leads to diabetes, deadly heart problems, and has been linked to cancer.

Speaking of diabetes…

University of Chicago researchers found less than 6 hours a night boosts your risk of insulin resistance by 25%.

Worse, there was a serious 23% increase in blood sugar levels that you might not even feel until it was too late.

Because the first symptom could be death.

Lack of sleep also causes poisonous hormonal imbalances that prevent your body from destroying free radicals.  That equals cellular deterioration and eventually—cancer.

So the question becomes…

Is there one simple step to getting the restful sleep you need to avoid these deadly health problems…

You bet there is!

And the answer is a non-invasive, non-medical, and non-pill-popping miracle breakthrough.

You see, we’ve enjoyed tremendous success with my dear friend Michael S. Tyrrell’s original frequency music package called Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project.

The hope and healing it provides to eager listeners all over the world continues to thrill and inspire me.

Because these songs have the amazing ability to erase negative feelings, soothe your pain, and lift you out of depression simply by strumming the chord at the center of your body… deep at the cellular level.

We released the original Wholetones in 2014.

Since then we’ve also done a Christmas CD (that made the Billboard charts—into the top 10), and a light and color therapy DVD/Blu Ray combo called Chroma.

As successful as those projects are, something bugged Michael… he felt we needed an approach that was directed toward the complete support of healthy sleep.


Folks all over the world were reporting a better night’s sleep when they listened to Wholetones…

But they also wanted a more mellow listening experience… one without the thunder of the drums and quick, up-tempo passages in some of the original tunes.

Michael said this really got him thinking—if people are enjoying better sleep with the frequencies of Wholetones but are distracted at bedtime by the intensity of the music, then maybe an all NEW project that’s softer, more comforting, and has fewer beats-per-minute was in order!

He wasn’t exactly sure how to do it… but knew it needed to contain specific healing frequencies, especially good for sleeping.

He weighed song possibilities… none seemed to fit the bill.

So he asked God for guidance and the idea hit him like a bolt of lightning…


Wholetones Lullabies


These songs are for your healthy life, and delivered with Michael’s love…

So he decided to call this new project Wholetones: Life, Love & Lullabies—of course!

Here’s what’s on this powerful CD:

1. Brahm’s Lullaby (174hz)—probably the most recognized lullaby of them all… “may thy slumber be blessed…”

2. Gabriella (333hz)—I wrote this lullaby for my niece who has an incredible gift… the divine ability to see and react to the Angels who are among us…

3. Suo Gan (396hz)—literally, “lull song” in Welsh, this traditional lullaby is both poetic and alluring—a powerful sedative…

4. All The Pretty Horses (444hz)—with its sweet and enveloping melody, this classic American lullaby inspired the writing of a book with the same name—it will inspire you with nights of sound sleep…

5. All Through The Night (528hz)—another enchanting lullaby from Wales, this song is best taken in at 528hz because of its ability to restore peaceful sleep…

6. Angels All Around Us (963/120hz)—I wrote this last piece to capture the awe inspiring feeling we’re not alone… God’s messengers are here on earth… and we all felt their presence in the recording studio…

We’re talking sleep here—restorative, soothing, restful sleep for life—delivered with love

These songs contain 3 of the popular healing frequencies from the first project (396hz, 444hz, and 528hz) along with 4 brand-new ones that we know you’re just going to love.

You get 2 hours and 91 minutes of pure healing frequency music designed specifically to help you sleep!

And today I invite you to listen to samples of all these songs absolutely FREE.

Just head over to this website and enjoy these incredibly beautiful, Holy Spirit-inspired, sleep-inducing songs right now.

With so many unfortunate diseases associated with poor sleep and not enough sleep, wouldn’t you feel better arming yourself with the divine gift of Wholetones healing frequencies?

Michael created Wholetones: Life, Love & Lullabies because nothing should stand in the way of you and unlimited nights of restorative sleep that help prevent disease.

So here’s what to do…

Check out the samples HERE RIGHT NOW and…

Find out how YOU can start sleeping better tonight!

Wholetones Life Love and Lullabies CDIt’s been proven that getting enough sleep can help lower your risk of debilitating (even deadly) disease like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

And though you have nothing to lose by checking out Wholetones: Life, Love & Lullabies right now, you definitely have a LOT to gain.

If you love the samples, you’ll also see how you can pick up your very own copy today so you can listen at your convenience.  I guarantee you’ll sleep better and even feel better after just one night.

P.S. Cancer, heart disease, and diabetes… all have been linked to poor sleep.  With Wholetones: Life, Love & Lullabies, you could be arming yourself with the restful sleep you deserve and better— the simple step that gives your body the potential ability to resist and fight these deadly diseases.

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