There is a tale of deception that maybe difficult to believe, but fatal to ignore.

The Sick Industry has been marketing emotional “symptoms” and the disease for decades, just to convince you to take drugs for every problem. The truth be known, there are no patentable cures like antidepressant drugs for depressiononly natural ones.

The fact is depression has NO biological diagnosis as a mental illness.

So, why are they pushing all these harmful drugs like Prozac on people?

Everyone” experiences depression or anxiety once in a while. So, since when has taking harmful and dangerous drugs been a cure for these feelings?

Drug dealers and even doctors have no right selling psychiatric drugs to treat emotional and psychological issues that have NO physical, biological or scientific basis.

Did you know it has been suggested that at least 50% of all suicides are side effects of psychiatric drugs? The model of Western medicine is broken. Then why are we still pumping more money into the madness?

Despite these undeniable facts, I discovered recently there is an ambitious drive on the part of psychiatry to screen EVERY teenager for depression or anxiety.

This is very interesting to note because psychiatrists seem to be joined at the wallet with Big Pharma like conjoint twins. Their open contempt for the welfare of all people and their lust for money and power are becoming more obvious as time goes on.

Because psychiatrists promote psychotropic drugs so aggressively “for” pharmaceutical companies to earn commissions, general practitioners now prescribe more than 70% of these drugs.

This latest attempt to screen kids 12 to 18 years old across America is nothing more than a blatant scam to sell more drugs, victimize people and increase profits.

Depression is NOT a drug deficiency!

They simply want to convince you that you were diseased from birth. So that you might think your experiences of childhood, adolescence, adulthood and your senior years are all stages of some disease. Of course, all of those so-called diseases must require drug treatments, such as antidepressants.

They are in the Sick Business of “creating and treating symptoms” — not healing minds and bodies.

In 1966, they had developed 44 psychotropic drugs. Today, there are 174 and climbing. Currently, it is estimated that 100,000,000 people are taking psychotropic drugs and 3000 deaths every month are caused by their side effects.

The top 5 psychiatric drugs today gross more money than the Gross National Product (GNP) of each of over half the countries on earth. That’s $18,000,000,000 a year!

The psychiatric industry globally brings in about $330 TRILLION dollars a year.

I did some more research and people taking psychiatric prescriptions for depression or anxiety issues committed most of the news breaking violence we’ve been witnessing since 1966.

Here is the top 12 most tragic psychiatric drug related acts of violence:

1. 1966 – Austin, Texas Charles Whitman shot 16 people from the University tower while on amphetamines and barbiturates.

2. 1981 – John Hinckley tired to kill President Reagan while on Valium.

3. 1987 – William Cruse killed 6 people in a rampage while on psychiatric drugs.

4. 1998 – A student at Westside Middle School killed 3 and wounded 10 while on Ritalin.

5. 1998 – A student at Thurston High killed 2 and wounded 22 while on Prozac.

6. 1999 – A student at Columbine High killed 12 and wounded 23 while on Luvox.

7. 2001 – A student at Bishop Neuman High wounded 1 and was on Prozac.

8. 2001 – A student at Granite Hills High wounded 5 and was on Celexa and Effexor.

9. 2001 – Andrea Yates drowned her 5 children while on Effexor and Remeron.

10. 2002 – A student at Appalachian School of Law killed 3 and wounded 3 while on prescription psychotropics.

11. 2003 – A student wounded another while on depression meds.

12. 2007 – Virginia Tech University student killed 33 and wounded 29. The psychiatrist treating the student hid his records and has yet to reveal which drugs he was on.

Obviously, these people had some deep-seated issues. Blaming only the people and ignoring the fact psychiatric drugs were involved, is short sighted and even suspicious, to say the least.

Bottom line: these types of drugs used for anxiety and depression have devastating side effects such as sudden, overwhelming, compulsive suicidal or homicidal urges resulting in violent deaths and crippling injuries.

Spending quality time with a psychotherapist to discover the root cause of depression or anxiety can be very helpful and, in rare cases, perhaps drugs can help some people.

I’m sure you agree passing them out like candy to kids is an outrage.

However, if you are interested in curing depression “the right way,” you need to know there are very successful techniques, based on ancient and modern science, which can cure depression and anxiety disorders without drugs. Discover new hope with Barton Publishing’s The Joy Equation: Depression Remedy Report.

Psychiatric drugs can be very addictive and may cause structural changes to your brain and Central Nervous System. Never go cold turkey when getting off Prozac or any of these drugs. It is very important to always see physician for guidance and support.

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