Gout attacks, according to a study by The University of British Columbia and Harvard Medical School published in the British Medical Journal, are increased by sugary drinks and fructose, such as soft drinks.

Just over the last 40 years or so reports of gout incidence has increased by 100%. The study strongly emphasizes the fact that this follows a pattern of increased fructose and sugary drink consumption.

In the study, more than 46,000 gout free men were followed for 12 years. They found those consuming about six sugary soft drinks a month were 29% more likely to develop gout than men who drink one or less soda pop per month.

coke leads to goutMen who drank one soft drink a day had a 45% greater probability of developing gout attacks. Men drinking two or more soft drinks a day showed an 85% greater probability of suffering from gout.

Fructose intake was also a huge contributor to gout pain and gouty arthritis symptoms. They compared a diet with less than 4.5% of fructose calories to those who had between 4.5% and 5.3%. Their gout rates skyrocketed up into a 41% risk bracket.

The next level was between 5.4% and 6.6% of fructose calories. Their gout risk factor any shot up to an 84% probability. More fructose than that and it jumped to a 102% risk factor probability of suffering from gout attacks.

The bottom line: fructose or sugar has been proven to aggravate uric acid production, which is what triggers gout pain and arthritis.

The same gout prevention diet cures gout symptoms because it is basically a problem caused by poor nutrition. Fact: carbohydrates are the main trigger for most age-related diseases. Once you realize your body makes its own sugars you can see why Americans eat way too many sugary foods and drink too many sugary soft drinks. Carbs are a NON-essential treat that leads to gout inflammation.

Carbohydrates, whether simple are complex, should be a rare treat, if at all. In America, we practically live off carbs. No wonder gout attack incidences have doubled!

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