Blood Sugar Sustained At High Levels Is As Dangerous As Having Diabetes And May Cause Heart Disease…

Blood sugar increases when ever you eat food. Ideally, this is a slow process which allows your body to release an equivalent amount of insulin to “escort” the sugar into cells as fuel.

Increased blood sugar levels are meant to be temporary. There are two things that can cause your blood sugar levels to continue to increase. 

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1) Lack of the hormone called insulin
2) Poor cell membrane receptor health

If your body fails to produce enough insulin to escort the sugar from your blood into your cells, you have Type 1 diabetes.

If you have plenty of insulin escorting sugar molecules to muscle and tissue cells, but the cells do not take in the sugar . . . you have Type 2 diabetes.

The bottom line is sugar contaminates your bloodstream (Type 1) or insulin & sugar build up in your circulatory system (Type 2). Either way it is NOT good for your heart or and other major organs in your body, a crucial link to heart disease.

Sugar damages the micro-vascular system (eyes, ears and nervous system) and insulin is known to destroy the inner linings of the arteries (CVD).

Normally sugar enters your blood stream and is greeted by the insulin and taken to the cells and the cells “receive” the sugar. But, if the cells do NOT receive the sugar, it stays in your blood. The reason this happens is the cell membranes are lacking nutrients causing them to not “sense” the presence of the insulin and sugar. We call this early stage diabetes Type 2, pre-diabetes or insulin resistance.

Truth is your cell membranes depend on “essential” proteins, minerals and glyco-nutrients to stay healthy. The same goes for your “insulin producing cells” and tissues as well, for diabetics Type 1.

Regardless of whether you have Type 1 diabetes or Type 2 diabetes . . . the extra sugar becomes waste that is stored as fatty acids between muscle cells. Eventually these “fatty acid sugar wastes” poison the other cells and can weaken your heart. 

Your heart depends on specific healthy fats for fuel, but if bad fatty acids build up the heart’s muscles cells suffer and can lead to heart disease.

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Normal blood sugar levels depend on healthy cells. 

The secret of any proven remedy or cure is that it works by nurturing cell health. Once you learn the secret of how to do this you can then overcome any metabolic imbalance . . . Yes, even diabetes! 

Make sure you have correctly identified it and simply nurture it with specific “functional foods” and moderate lifestyle changes. Sunlight, fresh air and pristine water are crucial for supporting your body’s healing systems . . . The Diabetes Reversal Report™  gives you everything else.

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