Heart disease, as you know,  is the #1 killer in America today. Unfortunately for most people the first symptom of heart disease they notice is death, not high blood pressure readings..

Those who survive become instant customers for the heart surgery industry, having little or no strength left to argue. Few people are ever informed that there are effective, affordable and safer options to by-pass surgery or angioplasty.

Imagine betting everything you presently have plus everything you will ever have . . . on a game without weighing the odds set against you.

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Do you think you can count on heart surgery to save you from years of ignoring your nutritional needs, resulting in high blood pressure and ending in heart disease? If you’re going to bet your life on something, consider using proven preventative measures to protect your heart.

Nobody’s health is more important than your own. The best way to help others tomorrow is to invest in yourself today.

According to one 10-year study, about 75% of bypass patients are worse off than patients treated with alternative therapies. They’ve lost their health, their wealth and the power to make positive change because they didn’t know or chose not to use natural methods to end heart disease.

If you start now, heart disease can be prevented and can be reversed even if you are a heart attack survivor.

There is no time to waste . . .

Here are the 4 common types of heart disease:

• Coronary artery disease caused from atherosclerosis
• Heart failure caused from lack of circulation
• Arrhythmia caused from a disturbance of heart rate
• Cardiomyopathy caused from heart muscle dysfunction

The good news is . . . you can protect yourself against all of these, simultaneously. Your health is changing for better or worse. The choice is yours.

Experts used to believe heart disease was caused from cholesterol. Now leading scientists agree that the pharmaceutical companies jumped the gun on that one. It turns out the whole “statin scare” was a multi-billion dollar scam perpetuated to sell drugs. 

Heart disease is NOT a drug deficiency!

Truth is a balanced diet of complex carbs, quality proteins and healthy fats along with moderate exercise is the key to maintaining blood pressure and healthy cholesterol levels. In fact cholesterol is a vital nutrient needed for proper brain function as well as for tissue, joint and muscle repair.

To identify the real cause of heart disease, scientists discovered a marker called homocysteine. Homocysteine is a by-product of an amino acid (methionine) and it was oxidizing cholesterol, irritating arteries and contributing to plaque build-up.

They discovered a natural process that detoxifies many toxins including homocysteine. This process is called methylation and by simply providing 3 common nutrients your body can neutralize homocysteine into harmless amino acids.

The latest discovery in the search for the true cause of heart disease has led us to two other markers called C-reactive protein and fibrinogen. These biological markers are clues that lead us to the real cause of heart disease . . . inflammation.

Once in a while heart surgery may be the only option, but for the millions of others an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Another beautiful fact about natural remedies is that if you need it, a pound of cure doesn’t cost the smallest measure of flesh.

Natural remedy means no cutting, no burning and no poisons.

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Read on . . .

You can relieve angina and associated pain. You can balance your cholesterol, increase blood flow and balance blood pressure levels. By using natural principles and common products you will find in your local grocery or health food store, you can maintain healthy arteries and blood pressure and avoid heart disease.

Until now you probably didn’t know that you have a choice when it comes to heart health. If you thought your choices were limited to disease management prescriptions like cholesterol-lowering drugs, beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers you were misled.

Frankly, none of those drugs were designed for long term use or cure either heart disease or high blood pressure.

The bottom line is consuming any chemical that changes your body’s natural balance is dangerous. For a synthetic man-made medication to have any effect, they first have to over ride your liver. Drugs are simply complex toxins that your body would normally eliminate immediately. Your liver and kidneys are chemically inhibited so “the drug” can manipulate other internal functions. That’s why there are so many adverse side effects and warnings on the drug labels.

By the way, if you’re already on any heart medication, do not suddenly stop taking your medication without a doctor’s supervision. Many of these drugs must be slowly reduced over time before you can stop cold turkey.

By choosing to take control of your own heart health you can avoid these issues associated with heart disease and high blood pressure:

• Dealing with dangerous side effects
• Depending on synthetic man-made unnatural products
• Being disappointed by a drug that did little to help.
• Wasting hard earned cash on risky meds, year after year

Too many people risk the health of their cardio system altogether — just to avoid having to face these issues. 

Are you willing to risk your life on that gamble? 

Are you willing to risk all you’ve worked for up to this point in your life . . . along with everything you would ever have?

This need NOT be!

Take heart and think it through. Ignoring your heart health will not make it any better. And the more you delay, the worse the real cause of the problem will become. Now is the time to follow your heart, and try the proven remedy that doctors “in the know” are raving about.

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