GERD sufferers know in good conscience there are safe foods and not-so-safe foods that tame the burning fire down the throat.  Celiac sufferers also identify with avoiding certain wheat products to avoid unnecessary discomfort. But, can following a gluten-free diet make any difference when it comes to GERD?

Believers in the gluten-GERD connection maintain that removing gluten from your diet for six weeks will give you an idea of whether gluten has been promoting your GERD.

“The View” host Elizabeth Hasselbeck removed gluten from her diet and got her life back!  She gave up pasta, but she also gave up bloating, sharp and gassy pains without too much of a fight when diagnosing this autoimmune disorder that paid off in the end. Learn her mistakes and gain her answer with our Home Cures That Work Celebrity Health Watch.

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Going gluten-free has options for wheat-intolerance individuals.  Your education and solution begins with Home Cures That Work.

P.S. One seed reaches Super Food Status when it comes to gluten intolerance.  It resembles a pet…great for diabetics…perfect fiber….energy, muscle…in no particular order HERE