All the science in the world will never be able to replace Mama Nature. It seems the harder we try to re-design her, the faster we end up struggling to put the pieces back together again.

We seem driven to “compete with nature,” even though we never really win. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I like sliced bread, instant pudding and cheeseburgers too.  But, on the other hand, wouldn’t you agree we may be losing some of that good old fashioned wholesomeness?

You could live off frozen dinners and microwave snacks if you wanted to. You may even justify the time you save by not having to properly prepare your own meals. Yet, the sad truth is most of America’s health problems come from eating habits with industrially prepared foods.

I’m not trying to pop anyone’s bubble here, but I’m sure you’d agree that not eating right today as a society has to change. In fact, it’s changing “back” to a simpler and more wholesome lifestyle.

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The Cost Of Convenience Is Too High

There is something deep, mysterious and important about the wisdom of our ancestors. Just look at all the different diet ideas available these days. You can diet with drugs, you can eat one food group, or brand of juice, but none of those work because they’re not natural.

I’m not talking about just losing weight.

America is obsessed with losing weight, but no one seems to be eating right to prevent, treat and cure health problems or issues. Truth is, once you return to a more natural pathway, your weight will naturally return to a healthy balance.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but let’s not forget, everything we learn and everything we need comes from nature. It’s when we begin to compare our lifestyles with Mama Nature, instead of competing with her, that we begin to feel our true roots.

I’m sure you see how confused people are these days, but that’s no excuse for you to be confused.

Fast Food Means Fast Death

In today’s fast food paced society, no one seems to have time to slow down and consider how unnatural America’s eating habits have become. That’s where all the dis-ease statistics come from.

Statistics that remind us how many Americans already have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer, to mention a few.

Bottom line, Western medicine isn’t winning the war against any statistics because they’re running a “disease care industry” that treats only symptoms.

It’s easy to blame Americans for craving super sized fast food meals. But, let’s keep in mind that most of us were born with a plastic spoon in our mouths.

It’s not your fault the Standard American Diet (SAD) is mostly empty calories, saturated with refined salt, sugar and fattening additives that make you crave more.

P.S. It’s natural for you to feel good about eating right. If you don’t feel good, chances are it’s because there’s nothing natural about the foods you’re eating. The power of choice is yours.