The ancestors of India, founders of Ayurvedic medicine understood the power of breath. These ancient healers were devoted to the study of life. In fact, “Ayu” literally means “life” and “Veda” means “knowledge” or “science.”

These wise disciples of health developed energized breathing techniques called Pranayama. Mind, body and breath are one and the same to them.

The sages of old, or Yogis, as they are more commonly called, used meditation as a part of their family tradition. Today, the distractions of modern society make it more difficult to pass along the wisdom of days gone by. However, there’s no other time like today when these traditions could be more important.

Unfortunately, here in the West and in other first world countries, we think of Yoga as a past time for contortionists and strict vegetarians who live along the warm California beaches.

Not to belittle the health benefits of stretching, eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, or enjoying a healthy lifestyle that living a sunny, warm, sea side community can offer.

Unfortunately, with people being told more and more to depend on drugs and surgery and less on their own healing capabilities, the benefits of ancient Ayurvedic/yoga principles are in danger of being forgotten, right when they are most needed.

Meditation NOT Medication

Yoga is simply based on correct posture and deep breathing exercises. Basically, that’s all meditation is about is relaxing and observing your breath.

I was shocked by what I learned from studying the ancient healing arts.

I quickly noticed almost everyone I knew didn’t know how to breathe properly.

Another thing I discovered from studying ancient cultures from India, China, Africa, Indonesia and the Americas, is Western societies take so many amazing things for granted.

Everyone else sees how we are intimately connected with the world around us, even to the stars, but the Western schools teach everything is separate and disconnected.

Proper Breathing Increases Total Health

Your breath connects you to all living things and allows you to produce amazing amounts of energy making all the great feats of mankind possible, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually, as well.

Recently, France funded a study that linked poor breathing habits with Metabolic Syndrome X. Metabolic Syndrome X is what doctors call it when you have several degenerative illnesses at once.

After seven years and more than 120,000 adults, researchers discovered poor breathing (lung function) to be linked to 3 Metabolic Syndrome X factors (1):

  • Combination of high blood sugar and high blood pressure
  • Combination of low HDL (good) cholesterol and high triglyceride (bad) levels
  • Abdominal obesity

One of the problems with abdominal fat is it places pressure on the lungs making poor breathing habits even worse, adding to the common cause of these health problems.

Learning to nurture healthy lung function can help lower weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and triglycerides . . . to name a few.

P.S. Deep ayurvedic breathing empowers your life naturally. Try it, observe and relax.

1)    The study appears in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.
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