You are cheating your own body and turning it against you!

If you crave a juicy cheeseburger with fries and a hunk of New York cheesecake in a puddle of caramel, it is not your brain that is telling you to eat up, it is what you are telling your brain that is the problem…

Here, we reveal the secret to being your own Obi-Wan Kenobi and using the “Jedi Mind Trick” to train yourself to crave healthy foods that nourish  – not the junk food that poisons you.

You may think that question is a no-brainer and, truth be told, for most people it is.

See, the majority of foodies out there would rather have a fudge brownie over a fresh fruit peach any day.

Wouldn’t you agree? Of course, you would!

But, what if I said you could teach your body to crave healthy, nutrient-rich live foods over fatty, junk food or sugary sweets?

You can.

Use “The Force” and train your brain to tell your body what it wants

Remember that scene in Star Wars where Obi-Wan convinced the Storm Troopers to let him and Luke pass without trouble?

Of course, “The Force” is just fantasy and nothing like that exists in our world…

Or, does it?

You see, your mind is much more powerful than you probably give it credit for.

If properly trained, it can mean the difference between a safe trek through a long and healthy life or a one-way ticket to health problems galore.

This isn’t the food you’re looking for…

Your body craves what you give it.

So, if you feed it a lot of processed foods, sugars and fast food, then guess what? That is what it will crave.

It stands to reason that if you take in daily doses of healthy, nutrient-rich live foods and whole grains, you body will grow to crave those, too.

Now, if you have at least somewhat of a healthy diet, this will be as easy as – excuse the expression – pie. But, if you are a soda and fast-food monger, then it will take some effort to get rid of those cheeseburger cravings.

That said, please don’t try to change your cravings across the board overnight because you might get discouraged from the lack of results and quit. It has been said that a child needs to be served (and eat) foods outside the norm 15-20 times before their little taste-buds start wanting them regularly. I don’t think we are any different from our kids in that respect.

So, start slow. Pick 1 or 2 “bad foods” to replace with healthy ones and indulge this practice every day. Then choose 1 or 2 more until you have swapped out all your harmful foods with good ones. Then, you will notice the craving for salt, sugar (like cake!) and enriched products fading like night in the approaching dawn.

Here are 5 examples of what to start eating…

So you can easily train your brain with the might of the Jedi:

  • Sugar is addictive. If you eat lots of sugary snacks and drink soda, then taper off as soon as you can. Start drinking water – lots of water – and herbal teas to flush out toxins and keep your body hydrated. There are many delicious teas out there with natural fruit flavors and water additives with real fresh fruit so you have no excuse not to switch!
  • Replace Frosted Fruit Triangles with a breakfast your body can actually use. Look for cereals with whole grains and low sugar content like some in the Kashi line. Better still, get some rolled oats, cook them and flavor with a light swirl of natural maple syrup. Add some raw nuts like chopped almonds or walnuts and grab a piece of fruit. This is a breakfast your body will really appreciate and you’ll appreciate the long-lasting energy boost to you get into your mornings.
  • Fat got a bad rap. We have been trained to think fats are bad. Sure certain fats are better left out of your diet, like buttery spreads and those used in restaurant fryers. But, there are essential fats that actually nourish your body. EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), cold-water fish oils and fats from avocados, flaxseeds and raw nuts are a great addition to any healthy diet.
  • Be adventurous. Get to the produce section and start trying different fruits and vegetables. Organic is always best, but they can be expensive. Just grab all the fresh fruit and veggies you can and start experimenting. Whatever live food you like, keep eating it and watch your cravings for cake and cheeseburgers turn into sweet fruits and colorful salads. An easy tip to follow is the deeper the color on the produce, the better it is for you.
  • Great grains. Whole grains are mandatory to a healthy diet. You will find strong doses of omega-3s, fiber, vitamins and nutrients in grains. Be keenly aware of processed, refined grain products. The practice of bleaching and refining kills the nutritive benefits and can even make them toxic to your body. Diabetes, cancer and inflammation can all be linked to processed grain products.
It doesn’t take a Jedi Knight with mind tricks to know the difference between good and evil. You just need to start slow and replace evil junk food with good, healthy eats that nourish your body instead of poisoning it. Following the simple guidelines I have given you here and you willl eventually “force” your body to crave the food that keeps it running smoothly and efficiently for a long, long time to come.