Red Bull gives you wings.”

Turns out, that could be absolutely true – angel wings when you die from drinking it.

Energy drinks slammed the scene in 1995. Since then, they have become a hit with the kids, athletes, and folks who succumb to “the 2:00 crash” at work.

  • When a cup of coffee won’t cut it…
  • When you are in for pulling an all-nighter…
  • If you are engaging your opponent in a sporting event…

A Red Bull, Monster, V, or AMP gives you the unfair advantage you need to take control and succeed at your task…or does it?

Here, you will find the no-bull truth about these dangerous energy drinks – and how they could affect you or someone you love.

Don’t crack open another Full Throttle until you read this. Your life might just depend on it.

Energy drinks. They are everywhere!

Mostly they are placed next to sports drinks and say things like “natural” and “as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.”

They are marketed as a safe and effective way to keep you going at times during the day (or night) when you just can’t muster up enough of your own energy to get the job done.

The truth is these “natural” beverages contain mixtures of ingredients the body doesn’t need. Plus, many come with much, much more caffeine than a mere “cup o joe.” This, with the addition of other stimulants, equals a recipe for disaster.

What about the natural ingredients advertised like guarana, ginseng and taurine?

Don’t forget about the listed B vitamins, gingko biloba and milk thistle in these energy drinks!

Now, I know what you are thinking… “Joe – you’ve lost it! Now you are contradicting yourself! Those ingredients are good for me!”

You might be right…but not so fast…

Problem is, our American diets are high in protein so we normally get enough B vitamins. That, plus the overkill of other “good stuff” in the drink, simply acts as an overload to your body. Yes – too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. The manufacturers know this…

They even print warnings about their consumption right on the cans. You should pay close attention if you use them! They say never to drink more than 2 in a 24 hour period. A study showed that drinking 8 can kill a healthy person.

But if you have a heart abnormality, ADHD, or any other health problems or emotional problems, then you should stay far away from energy drinks – especially if you take medications for these issues – because your risk of death is magnified under those circumstances.

The marketing hoax of the century

Even though they are marketed as harmless, and in some cases “ healthy,” this is one of the greatest product scams in history. It simply isn’t true.

To make matters worse, some drinkers mix them with alcoholic beverages insanely hoping for some synergistic reaction between the 2 drinks…a dangerous yin and yang of upper and downer…

They could definitely see a reaction:  seizures, heart palpitations and possibly death.

Furthermore, the Australian Medical Journal released specific findings detailing the health risk and toxicity of these drinks.

The results were frightening.

They found that caffeine toxicity and related symptoms (tremors, anxiety, palpitations, etc.) were experienced by 87% of the 297 participants.

Dangerous side effects are especially concentrated in younger users. The mildest of these effects are sickness. Cody Goldberg, a senior at Penn Manor High School in Millersville Pennsylvania, doesn’t drink energy drinks because, “They make me sick and there are too many side effects.”

The reason youths are at greater risk of side effects is because their  bodies are not fully developed and the impact on underdeveloped systems is much more profound.

Effective advertising targets those who are particularly at risk

The lure of increased concentration, stamina and alertness is most keenly felt by athletes, students and those with demanding careers.

Energy drink companies like Monster, Red Bull and Rockstar expertly target these group of people, but unfortunately for them, they are at the greatest risk of the dangerous side effects associated with these beverages.

We have seen how they affect young people and others with health problems, but why athletes? They should be healthier than average so their systems should be immune to the danger.

Not true.

During sports and exercise, heart rates increase and the risk of fatality sky-rockets with intensity.

In fact, a perfectly healthy 28 year-old man suffered cardiac arrest when he drank his energy beverage after a motocross event. In another incident, an 18 year-old basketball player died following a game after 2 cans of Red Bull.

One factor to blame is the amount of sugar in the drinks. As much as 13 teaspoons of sugar (in one can) can slow absorption of fluids, resulting in profound dehydration. That, plus the caffeine equivalent to 4 Cokes, makes for unsettling risks to the active human body.

Long-term side effects unclear

The long-term effects of consuming energy drinks remains unclear. What is known is that they are responsible for risky, even life-threatening impacts on “blood pressure, heart rate and brain function,” according to The New York Times.

The fact is, long-term damage from drinking this stuff has yet to be revealed. But, experts from Houston University are speculating that “EBs” (energy beverages) can have harmful effects on the liver, cause cardiovascular disease  and insulin resistance, which would dramatically affect – or even kill – a person with diabetes.

The scarier part is that there is no regulation on these products. Anyone can pick up as much as they can carry. Children, for instance, are able to buy and drink them, at will.

So, the only thing left to do is impose strict regulations on the distribution of this stuff. Anything less is completely irresponsible and downright deadly.

Brands like Red Bull, AMP, Monster, Rockstar, Full Throttle and V are the names of the enemy. Although a healthy adult who throws one of these down on occasion may not be at risk for complicated health problems, the best way to be sure not to fall victim to these toxic cocktails is to abstain from them altogether.

If you are thirsty – drink water. If you are feeling lethargic, get more sleep, change your diet and take a multi-vitamin.

There are plenty of healthy ways you can help yourself get past the 2:00 crash naturally – energy drinks are not on the list.

Stay away and stay healthy.