When you take a sip of your favorite beverage, you may be drinking down a good gulp of acid that affects your body the same way acid can corrode a battery casing or “eat” the enamel off your teeth…

And according to Dr. Mark Wiley, this acid “eats up” your body’s natural lubricants, and instead builds up a dangerous substance that he’s traced as a hidden cause of arthritis, muscle cramps and pain.

ACID LEVELWhat’s more, this stuff seems to be everywhere…

From iced teas, sodas and energy drinks to “healthy” foods like tomato soup and yogurt, this highly acidic and dangerous ingredient is in all of these, and hundreds more food items.

And what happens is, after consuming food and drinks laced with this stuff, your body begins to become more acidic overall, as measured in the form of body pH.

When this takes place, your body isn’t able to create synovial fluids (the fluids that help “lubricate” your joints and body) as easily, and instead creates uric acid build up in the form of tiny crystals that feel like broken glass in your feet, hands, knees and back.

That’s just for starters, as all kinds of muscle and chronic pain begin entering into the picture.

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