Home Cures That Work for Your ThyroidCreation always needs a staging ground…an environment where the miracle can develop. Like a caterpillar must create a cocoon where the butterfly will develop and emerge. There is a myriad of preparation that takes place out of sight just before the miracle of life! And we come into this big blue marble with a butterfly within…a thyroid gland that works within to make us whole and continue to develop us so we can be the best we can be. Amazing, isn’t it? The butterfly within directs our transformation to live from the inside out.

Is your body asking for help? An underactive thyroid can influence so many functions in your body — and lead to such a wide range of symptoms. If you suspect you have a thyroid issue, we encourage you to tune into what your body is telling you now rather than waiting for your symptoms to get worse — potentially leading to hypothyroidism. We always recommend beginning with the most effective natural approach you can find. We’ve found that vitamins and minerals, and simple dietary and lifestyle adjustments will resolve the root cause of all your symptoms, not just a select few. Home Cures That Work will motivate you to make the simple changes that will restore healthy thyroid function!

If you do need thyroid drugs, it’s important to know that they are not always a lifelong sentence. What is very interesting is that nothing has changed over the centuries of thyroid treatment. We understand why, but we have no better way of treating the thyroid, except with the same things that have been used in the past.  If we provide all the things the thyroid gland needs, and keep inflammation down, it will generally function well throughout your life.  Just like we learned in history, we can do the same things. How to keep your thyroid gland functioning well throughout your life.

There you have it — thyroid health in a nutshell. May your thyroid and your entire self exude energy, pleasure and joy. And may you claim time as your ally and friend. We certainly are.www.HomeCuresThatWork.com.

P.S. The thyroid is hailed as “the master gland” of our complex and interdependent endocrine system. Put another way, it’s the spoon that stirs our hormonal soup. Maybe you feel like you have one foot on the gas and one on the brakes. But, addressing hypothyroidism is an exercise in becoming a proactive patient. Visit Home Cures That Work today to find a functional medicine. We understand thyroid issues and know that there’s rarely a silver-bullet solution. www.HomeCuresThatWork.com

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