by Dr. Scott Saunders, M.D.

The best cleanse/detox depends on the need of the individual.

For a “cellular detox,” I recommend the homemade chicken broth three times per day and cinnamon tea in between.  No food.  This cleans the glycogen out of the cells and allows them to function normally.

Cleaning Out

Broth Detox

As we go about our lives we eat every day.  The constant influx of glucose causes insulin to be released

which tells the cells to take in the sugar.  The cells obediently take up glucose and store it as glycogen.  However, when the cells get full of glycogen they no longer function at full capacity and shut off the supply of sugar.  This causes the blood sugar to go up, and insulin to go up causing more glycogen to be stuffed into the cells.  The cells become dysfunctional, and diabetes is the next step.  This is the fastest-growing illness in the WORLD!  It is simply because we eat every day, and especially, because we eat sugar every day.

The way to “clean out” the cells then becomes obvious – stop eating, and stop eating sugar.  Fasting is the best way to clean-out the cells, because you really can’t avoid sugar entirely.  Since fasting is distasteful to most people, there are many modifications to make cleansing more palatable.

Broth Diet

The best way detox I have found is the broth diet because it has all the salts and amino acids to prevent the breakdown of muscle mass and dehydration, while at the same time having so little sugar as to be negligible.

I have people drink only broth that they make themselves, about 2 cups per day, and water all they want.  It takes about 10 days for the body to completely burn off all the glycogen and start using fat for energy full-time.  I generally go a few days past this, starting with a 14-day cleanse.  For most people this is adequate.  Those with diabetes may need 30 days.

The true determination of friendship may come at the moment you are facedown in a parking lot at two in the morning: a true friend answers the phone. But, before your friend ends up face down for life with diabetes or some another disease, be a health ninja and reach out to your beloved friends and hook them up with this life-extending detox cleanse! 

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