Millions of men with Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.), through the turn of the millennium, have been racing to try the latest and greatest little blue pill to counteract their ED issues.

But, do you think most of those men believed taking a pill for sex was a temporary stimulation loaded with side effects? No, of course not. Mainstream Media did a bang-up job of marketing the magical blue bean as if it were a viable erectile dysfunction treatment.

The sad truth is symptoms of health issues, like sexual problems, only go away if the underlying cause is cured with natural treatments.

Today, those gimmicks no longer excite men, as new drugs keep popping out of the woodwork to replace them. These sexual dysfunction products right off the bat disappointed millions of men. Many enjoyed a brief boost in libido. The rest actually felt chemically stimulated, as if their virility has been restored — for about 6 months, functioning briefly as erectile dysfunction treatment.

In the end, they all wind up disappointed except for the occasional “sex drug” user interested in a promiscuous sexual lifestyle. The fact is all of those “patented” penis perpetuators and sexual stimulants build-up chemical residues inside the men who consumed them to treat ED. This chemical residue triggers what’s called “resistance.”

This is what happens with all drugs, eventually.

You see, your body is very intelligently designed with the natural world, which it is made from, both structurally and functionally. These hidden connections to natural treatments fuel and nurture our bodies even to the tiniest genetic cell.

Drugs are only “patentable” versions of these “natural” energetic connections. The drug problem is universal: they are NOT natural. So, the body will identify these drugs as poisons, which are very toxic to the structure and function at the simplest cellular level.

This is why pharmaceutical companies patent various chemical methods of temporarily blocking your liver from flushing these toxic drugs back out of your body, which damages your liver, by the way.

The genius of the body is this: it lives so you can live. Everything your body does is to help you stay healthy and live as long as possible.

Erectile Dysfunction drugs are NOT designed to help you live healthier and longer. They are designed for one thing: to make money.

So, that’s why so many men who thought these sexual dysfunction drugs were the greatest thing since slice bread are so disappointed at this point. Their bodies have had enough abuse and built-up tolerance and resistance to synthetic erectile dysfunction treatments, allowing the liver to over-ride the chemicals and neutralize the toxic interruption.

But, don’t fret. It was a lesson you had to go through. As with all such lessons, they make you stronger and in some cases “smarter” too, when you survive them.

Why settle for a version or synthetic copy of the real power you are longing for, found in natural treatments?

Mama Nature is the originator of libido. No one knows more about “Being Fruitful and Multiplying,” than Mama Nature.

Sometimes, you are searching for something that’s been right before your eyes the whole time. By learning new things we discover how to “remove the blocks” from erectile dysfunction that impede or confuse us from seeing, being and having.

Only then do we see we had the answer for ED from the very beginning.

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