There is a fundamental, basic and simple reason why gallstones are formed. As with all truth, there is a simple, natural remedy and straightforward solution that I’ve included in today’s letter for you to read. Read this before you even consider gallstone surgery.

So, allow me to cut to the chase.

There is no arguing the fact that the Standard American Diet (SAD) is triggering gallbladder infections, which results in the formation of debilitating gallstones.

That is why surgically removing gallstones does not cure the cause of those gallstone pain and recurring gallstones. Of course, there are times when a strong pain pill or gallstone surgery might be justified. But, that is NOT the case today! There have never been more unnecessary gallstone surgeries and prescribed drugs in history than right now.

What I want to do is give you life saving information that you might not otherwise find. This information is so fantastic that it not only allows you to alleviate gallstone pain immediately, but that you will never have to go through gall bladder infections again.

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If you are hungry to know how to protect yourself from ever getting gallstones, read on…

I want to share this with you because I feel you are ready for a natural remedy and new perspective about the healing power of your body.

This is revolutionary cutting edge information you can use “right now” for FREE.

As you already know, something big is wrong with the way we are taught to eat in the developed world. If you have ever lost your health you realize your health is of the UTMOST importance.

As much as this information may shock you, simply following this new science of eating right, you can avoid the pitfalls of drugs and the chain of side effects and complications.

Here’s the little known secret: your body makes its own carbs. Of all the foods we eat, carbs are the very least important.

As strange as this sounds, these carbs, which are so over eaten in modern culture, are the cause of many age-related diseases. Gallstones are one of them.

A whole food, plant-based protein diet is the best preventative to gallstones. By nurturing balance with at the cellular level you can “activate” the power of healing in your body.

I say, “activate” because your body is where the healing process resides. All you’re required to do is to NURTURE this natural ability with natural remedies.

Did you know grains are protected from opening prematurely by a coating of phytic acid? It doesn’t help if it opens on top of infertile rocky ground where there is no sun or water supply.

In the right conditions, the grain will sprout. Once it sprouts the phytic acid is neutralized and then something “miraculous” takes place: the grain “transforms” into a nearly complete protein source rather than a pure carbohydrate source.

Because of this natural “phytic acid” defense mechanism, when you eat too many grains and other sources of dietary sugars, the essential proteins, trace minerals and healthy fats are blocked. This causes deficiencies, which in turn trigger the formation of gallstones, as well as other health issues that can result in gallstone surgery.

Whole grains cause dis-ease in both animals and humans. It’s a proven fact. Another problem is un-sprouted grains are high in inflammation, causing Omega 6 fatty acids, which helps explain why grains are also the most allergenic of all foods.

Here’s a list of 7 sources of carbs that can aggravate gallbladder infections and promote gallstone pain:

1. Flour

2. Un-sprouted grains

3. Un-sprouted legumes

4. Fruit

5. Milk (Lactose carb)

6. Starchy vegetables

7. Sugar

So, there you go: you don’t have to take my word for it. Look into it yourself and make it your own wisdom. But, in a nutshell, that’s the big secret to a healthy immune system and gallbladder.

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