…maybe because it’s “Holy Month”… or, maybe because I want to get over the hump of having a little too much “belly” and not enough “abs”… or maybe I just wanted to challenge myself… I’ve declared March to be:

Healthy Food Only month!

With this blog post, I’d like to officially announce that, I, Joe Barton, weighing 176.8 lbs on March 1st, 2008, am not eating ANY junk food at all this month.

Zero. Zilch. Nada.

No sweets. No greasy food. No fatty food. No junk food. No chocolate chip cookies.

I’ve never done this before… I’ve always had a craving for chocolate, and I wouldn’t feel “complete” unless I had a little chocolatey dessert or snack after a meal.

But now, I’m going cold turkey!

And you can hold me to it!

My goal is to blog my way through this month, sharing my experiences along the way.

My expectation is that, by the end of March, I’m going to have more energy throughout the day, have 5% less body fat, gain a more lean & muscular physique, and weigh 170 lbs.

Not a bad trade for simply avoiding junk food for a month, eh?

Maybe along the way I will inspire you to challenge yourself to healthier choices.

Are you up for it? If so, leave a comment below and share your resolutions for March and beyond!

Also, let me know if you’ve ever done this before… how it changed your life… and if you have any encouragement or advice along the way! Thanks!

For excellent natural health (all the time),
Joe Barton

p.s. Look for more blog posts throughout each week as I share what foods I’m eating, weight updates, how I’m feeling, challenges I’m facing, and maybe even a few pictures.

p.p.s. It’s March 2nd, and 1-day into it, I’ve already lost 1 pound! I’m now at 175.6 (I’m weighing myself first thing in the morning).

p.p.p.s. I’m also going to continue my exercising routine of 5 days per week, 25-30 minutes per day… which looks like this:

Monday – Upper body workout & 10 min. cardio
Tuesday – Lower body workout & 10 min. cardio
Wednesday – 20 min. cardio
Thursday – Upper body workout & 10 min. cardio
Friday – Lower body workout & 10 min. cardio
Saturday & Sunday – rest